Microsyringe\50 mm3 51/0.15 mm

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Microsyringe\50 mm3 51/0.15 mm


Description Hamilton Microsyringe\50 mm3 51/0.15 mm for manual titrations, 50 mm3 volume; fixed needle with rounded tip: 51 mm length, 0.15 mm inner diameter.

O2k-FluoRespirometer and Startup O2k-Respirometer: 2 in O2k-Titration Set.

Product ID 51050-01
Type O2k, Microsyringe, Titration Set
Link » More details? Consult O2k-Titration Set
Microsyringe 100 mm3 51 0.41 mm - Kopie.JPG


  • Safety information: fixed needles are used with rounded tips, not usable for injection into tissues.
  • Titration of stock solutions into the O2k-Chamber. » O2k-Titrations.
  • For safe an clean handling, place the syringe in the one of the Syringe Racks.
  • MiPNet19.14 - SOP for manual O2k-titrations with Hamilton microsyringes.