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MitoFit protocols


MitoFit protocols are moderated by the MitoFit moderators (MitoFit team), either as protocols with direct reference to publications available to the scientific communicty, or protocols additionally described and made available in Bioblast with full information on authors (including contact details), author contributions, and editor (moderator) in charge. This is part of the MitoFit Quality Control System for establishing a comprehensive MitoFit data repository, which will require global input and cooperation.

Reference: MitoFit

MitoPedia concepts: MiP concept, SUIT concept 

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: Oroboros QM 

Contributed by Gnaiger Erich edited 2016-01-28

MitoFit protocols

  • Sample preparation protocols
  • Solution protocols
  • Chemicals
  • Procedure protocols: (a) Platform-specific (ORO SOPs); (b) General (e.g. O2 calibratio principles).
  • SUIT protocols
  • OROBOROS O2k-Procedures