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MitoSOXTM is the version of the hydroetidine designed to target mitochondria in live cells for the detection of superoxide (O2โ€ข-). The oxidation of the compound by O2โ€ข- is easily detected in the red spectrum. One of the advantages of MitoSOXTM is its selectivity for O2โ€ข- but not for other reactive oxygen species or reactive nitrogen species.

โ€ข Readily oxidized by superoxide but not by other ROS- or RNS-generating systems
โ€ข Absorption/emission maxima: ~510/580 nm
โ€ข Use for live cell imaging
โ€ข Rapidly and selectively targeted to the mitochondria

MitoSOXTM has been widely used in life cell imaging but it is not free of problems and should be used cautiously. For example, it has been highlighted that the use of potentiometric dyes which accumulates into the mitochondria due to its moiety with Tetraphenylphosphonium, confers a membrane potential sensitivity that creates a series of artifacts and problems not often considered.

Structure & Spectrum

MitoSox Structure.jpg MitoSOX Spectrum.jpg


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