Mitochondrial respiration media: comparison

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Mitochondrial respiration media: comparison


Mitochondrial respiratory capacity and control are compared in different mitochondrial respiration media, MiRs, to evaluate the quality of MiRs in preserving mitochondrial function and to harmonize results obtained in various studies using different MiRs. In some cases alterations of the formulation are incorporated to optimize conditions for the simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters, e.g. respiration and ROS production.

Abbreviation: MiR

From the many media used by various groups the composition of 3 examples is shown:

Respirometric media.png

Note: Media may be stored frozen at -20Β°C. After thawing MiRK03 a preciptate was detected, but following 20 minutes of shaking at room temperature the precipitate dissapeared again.


Buffer Z: Perry 2011 Biochem J

MiRK03: Krumschnabel 2014 Methods Mol Biol, modified after Komary 2010 Biochim Biophys Acta

MiR05: MiPNet14.03, Gnaiger 2000 Life in the Cold

MitoPedia topics: Media for respirometry 

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