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Jaramillo-Jimenez 2023 MitochondrionJaramillo-Jimenez A, Giil LM, Borda MG, Tovar-Rios DA, Kristiansen KA, Bruheim P, Aarsland D, Barreto GE, Berge RK (2023) Serum TCA cycle metabolites in Lewy bodies dementia and Alzheimer's disease: network analysis and cognitive prognosis. Mitochondrion 71:17-25. 37172667
Hosler 2023 MitochondrionHosler J, Hoang N, Shirey Edwards K (2023) The cyclic lipopeptide micafungin induces rupture of isolated mitochondria by reprograming the mitochondrial inner membrane anion channel. 71:50-62. [ PMID: 37201620 Open Access
Bahire 2023 MitochondrionBahire KL, Maļuhins R, Bello F, Freitag SV, Jeļisejevs I, Gile R, Upīte J, Plesnila N, Jansone B (2023) Hemispheric analysis of mitochondrial complex I and II activity in the mouse model of ischemia-reperfusion-induced injury. 69:147-158. PMID: 36764500
Munro 2022 MitochondrionMunro D, Rodríguez E, Blier PU (2022) The longest-lived metazoan, Arctica islandica, exhibits high mitochondrial H2O2 removal capacities. 68:81-86. PMID: 36427759 Open Access
Mendes 2022 MitochondrionMendes D, Peixoto F, Oliveira MM, Andrade PB, Videira RA (2022) Mitochondria research and neurodegenerative diseases: On the track to understanding the biological world of high complexity. 65:67-79. PMID: 35623557 Open Access
Bandara 2021 MitochondrionBandara AB, Drake JC, James CC, Smyth JW, Brown DA (2021) Complex I protein NDUFS2 is vital for growth, ROS generation, membrane integrity, apoptosis, and mitochondrial energetics. Mitochondrion 58:160-68.2021PMID: 33744462 Open Access
Holody 2021 MitochondrionHolody C, Anfray A, Mast H, Lessard M, Han WH, Carpenter R, Bourque S, Sauvé Y, Lemieux H (2021) Differences in relative capacities of oxidative phosphorylation pathways may explain sex- and tissue-specific susceptibility to vision defects due to mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondrion 56:102-10.2021PMID: 33271347 Open Access
Silaidos 2020 MitochondrionSilaidos C, Grube J, Muley C, Eckert GP (2020) Time-dependent melatonin secretion is associated with mitochondrial function in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of male volunteers. Mitochondrion 53:21-29.2020PMID: 32304866
Duong 2020 MitochondrionDuong QV, Hoffman A, Zhong K, Dessinger MJ, Zhang Y, Bazil JN (2020) Calcium overload decreases net free radical emission in cardiac mitochondria. Mitochondrion 51:126-39.2020PMID: 31982614
Venediktova 2020 MitochondrionVenediktova NI, Mashchenko OV, Talanov EY, Belosludtseva NV, Mironova GD (2020) Energy metabolism and oxidative status of rat liver mitochondria in conditions of experimentally induced hyperthyroidism. Mitochondrion 52:190-96.2020PMID: 32278087
Ranganathan 2020 MitochondrionRanganathan A, Owiredu S, Jang DH, Eckmann DM (2020) Prophylaxis of mitochondrial dysfunction caused by cellular decompression from hyperbaric exposure . Mitochondrion 52:8-19.2020PMID: 32045716
Knight 2020 MitochondrionKnight KM, Shelkowitz E, Larson AA, Mirsky DM, Wang Y, Chen T, Wong LJ, Friederich MW, Van Hove JLK (2020) The mitochondrial DNA variant m.9032T > C in MT-ATP6 encoding p.(Leu169Pro) causes a complex mitochondrial neurological syndrome. Mitochondrion 55:8-13.2020PMID: 32931937
Gumpp 2020 MitochondrionGumpp AM, Behnke A, Bach AM, Piller S, Boeck C, Rojas R, Kolassa IT (2020) Mitochondrial bioenergetics in leukocytes and oxidative stress in blood serum of mild to moderately depressed women. Mitochondrion 58:14-23.2020PMID: 33383159
Cecatto 2020 MitochondrionCecatto C, Amaral AU, Wajner A, Wajner SM, Castilho RF, Wajner M (2020) Disturbance of mitochondrial functions associated with permeability transition pore opening induced by cis-5-tetradecenoic and myristic acids in liver of adolescent rats. Mitochondrion 50:1-13.2020PMID: 31655165 Open Access
Krylova 2019 MitochondrionKrylova TD, Sheremet NL, Tabakov VY, Lyamzaev KG, Itkis YS, Tsygankova PG, Andreeva NA, Shmelkova MS, Nevinitsyna TA, Kadyshev VV, Zakharova EY (2019) Three rare pathogenic mtDNA substitutions in LHON patients with low heteroplasmy. Mitochondrion 50:139-144.2019PMID: 31669237 Open Access
Bettink 2019 MitochondrionBettink MAW, Harms FA, Dollee N, Specht PAC, Raat NJH, Schoonderwoerd GC, Mik EG (2019) Non-invasive versus ex vivo measurement of mitochondrial function in an endotoxemia model in rat: toward monitoring of mitochondrial therapy. Mitochondrion 50:149-57.2019PMID: 31770610 Open Access
Ramkumar 2019 MitochondrionRamkumar B, Dharaskar SP, Mounika G, Paithankar K, Sreedhar AS (2019) Mitochondrial chaperone, TRAP1 as a potential pharmacological target to combat cancer metabolism. Mitochondrion 50:42-50.2019PMID: 31669620 Open Access
Havird 2019 MitochondrionHavird JC, Noe GR, Link L, Torres A, Logan DC, Sloan DB, Chicco AJ (2019) Do angiosperms with highly divergent mitochondrial genomes have altered mitochondrial function? Mitochondrion 49:1-11.2019PMID: 31229574
Lauridsen 2019 MitochondrionLauridsen PE, Rasmussen LJ, Desler C (2019) Mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation capacity of cryopreserved cells. Mitochondrion 47:47-53.2019PMID: 31051261
Itkis 2019 MitochondrionItkis Y, Krylova T, Pechatnikova NL, De Grassi A, Tabakov VY, Pierri CL, Aleshin V, Boyko A, Bunik VI, Zakharova EY (2019) A novel variant m.641A>T in the mitochondrial MT-TF gene is associated with epileptic encephalopathy in adolescent. Mitochondrion 47:10-17.2019PMID: 31009750
Govindaraj 2019 MitochondrionGovindaraj P, Rani B, Sundaravadivel P, Vanniarajan A, Indumathi KP, Khan NA, Dhandapany PS, Rani DS, Tamang R, Bahl A, Narasimhan C, Rakshak D, Rathinavel A, Premkumar K, Khullar M, Thangaraj K (2019) Mitochondrial genome variations in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. Mitochondrion 48:51-59.2019PMID: 30910572
De Moura Alvorcem 2018 MitochondrionDe Moura Alvorcem L, Britto R, Parmeggiani B, Glanzel NM, Da Rosa-Junior NT, Cecatto C, Bobermin LD, Amaral AU, Wajner M, Leipnitz G (2018) Evidence that thiol group modification and reactive oxygen species are involved in hydrogen sulfide-induced mitochondrial permeability transition pore opening in rat cerebellum. Mitochondrion 47:141-50.2018PMID: 30399433
Chakrabarty 2018 MitochondrionChakrabarty S, Kabekkodu SP, Singh RP, Thangaraj K, Singh KK, Satyamoorthy K (2018) Mitochondria in health and disease. Mitochondrion 43:25-29.2018PMID: 29944924
Sokolov 2018 MitochondrionSokolov EP, Sokolova IM (2018) Compatible osmolytes modulate mitochondrial function in a marine osmoconformer Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793). Mitochondrion 45:29-37.2018PMID: 29458112
Palmfeldt 2017 MitochondrionPalmfeldt J, Bross P (2017) Proteomics of human mitochondria. Mitochondrion 33:2-14.2017
Zand 2017 MitochondrionZand K, Pham TDA, Li J, Zhou W, Wallace DC, Burke PJ (2017) Resistive flow sensing of vital mitochondria with nanoelectrodes. Mitochondrion 37:8-16.2017PMID: 28655663
Jang 2017 MitochondrionJang DH, Greenwood JC, Owiredu S, Ranganathan A, Eckmann DM (2017) Mitochondrial networking in human blood cells with application in acute care illnesses. Mitochondrion 44:27-34.2017PMID: 29275149
Karlsson 2016 MitochondrionKarlsson M, Ehinger JK, Piel S, Sjövall F, Henriksnäs J, Höglund U, Hansson MJ, Elmér E (2016) Changes in energy metabolism due to acute rotenone-induced mitochondrial complex I dysfunction – an in vivo large animal model. Mitochondrion 31:56-62.2016PMID: 27769952
Doerrier 2016 MitochondrionDoerrier C, García JA, Volt H, Díaz-Casado ME, Luna-Sánchez M, Fernández-Gil B, Escames G, López LC, Acuña-Castroviejo D (2016) Permeabilized myocardial fibers as model to detect mitochondrial dysfunction during sepsis and melatonin effects without disruption of mitochondrial network. Mitochondrion 27:56-63.2016PMID: 26748191
Lemieux 2016 MitochondrionLemieux H, Boemer F, van Galen G, Serteyn D, Amory H, Baise E, Cassart D, van Loon G, Marcillaud-Pitel C, Votion DM (2016) Mitochondrial function is altered in horse atypical myopathy. Mitochondrion 30:35-41.2016PMID: 27374763
Boeck 2016 MitochondrionBoeck C, Koenig AM, Schury K, Geiger ML, Karabatsiakis A, Wilker S, Waller C, Gündel H, Fegert JM, Calzia E, Kolassa IT (2016) Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress. Mitochondrion 30:197-207.2016PMID: 27530300
Kilbaugh 2016 MitochondrionKilbaugh TJ, Karlsson M, Duhaime AC, Hansson MJ, Elmer E, Margulies SS (2016) Mitochondrial response in a toddler-aged swine model following diffuse non-impact traumatic brain injury. Mitochondrion 26:19-25.2016PMID: 26549476 Open Access
Houben 2015 MitochondrionHouben R, Leleu C, Fraipont A, Serteyn D, Votion DM (2015) Determination of muscle mitochondrial respiratory capacity in Standardbred racehorses as an aid to predicting exertional rhabdomyolysis. Mitochondrion 24:99-104.2015PMID: 26219220
Ziak 2015 MitochondrionZiak J, Krajcova A, Jiroutkova K, Nemcova V, Dzupa V, Duska F (2015) Assessing the function of mitochondria in cytosolic context in human skeletal muscle: Adopting high-resolution respirometry to homogenate of needle biopsy tissue samples. Mitochondrion 21:106-12.2015PMID: 25701243
Burtscher 2015 MitochondrionBurtscher J, Zangrandi L, Schwarzer C, Gnaiger E (2015) Differences in mitochondrial function in homogenated samples from healthy and epileptic specific brain tissues revealed by high-resolution respirometry. Mitochondrion 25:104-12.2015PMID: 26516105 Open Access
D'Erchia 2014 MitochondrionD'Erchia AM, Atlante S, Gadaleta G, Pavesi G, Chiara M, De Virgilio C, Manzari C, Mastropasqua F, Prazzoli GM, Picardi E, Gissi C, Horner D, Reyes A, Sbisa E, Tullo A, Pesole G (2014) Tissue-specific mtDNA abundance from exome data and its correlation 2 with mitochondrial transcription, mass and respiratory activity. Mitochondrion 970:1-9.2014PMID: 25446395
Van Bergen 2014 MitochondrionVan Bergen NJ, Blake RE, Crowston JG, Trounce IA (2014) Oxidative phosphorylation measurement in cell lines and tissues. Mitochondrion 15:24-33.2014PMID: 24657935
Trumbeckaite 2013 MitochondrionTrumbeckaite S, Gizatullina Z, Arandarcikaite O, Röhnert P, Vielhaber S, Malesevic M, Fischer G, Seppet E, Striggow F, Gellerich FN (2013) Oxygen glucose deprivation causes mitochondrial dysfunction in cultivated rat hippocampal slices: Protective effects of CsA, its immunosuppressive congener [D-Ser](8)CsA, the novel non-immunosuppressive cyclosporin derivative Cs9, and the NMDA receptor antagonist MK 801. Mitochondrion 13:539–47.2013PMID: 22824458
Hroudova 2013 MitochondrionHroudová J, Fišar Z, Kitzlerová E, Zvěřová M, Raboch J (2013) Mitochondrial respiration in blood platelets of depressive patients. Mitochondrion 13:795-800.2013PMID: 23688905
Sjoevall 2013 MitochondrionSjövall F, Ehinger JK, Marelsson SE, Morota S, Asander Frostner E, Uchino H, Lundgren J, Arnbjörnsson E, Hansson Magnus J, Fellman V, Elmér E (2013) Mitochondrial respiration in human viable platelets - methodology and influence of gender, age and storage. Mitochondrion 13:7-14.2013PMID: 23164798 Open Access
Ceusters 2013 MitochondrionCeusters Justine D, Mouithys-Mickalad AA, Franck TJ, Derochette S, Vanderplasschen A, Deby-Dupont GP, Serteyn DA (2013) Effect of myeloperoxidase and anoxia/reoxygenation on mitochondrial respiratory function of cultured primary equine skeletal myoblasts. Mitochondrion 13:410-16.2013PMID:23268199
Brown 2012 MitochondrionBrown GC, Borutaite V (2012) There is no evidence that mitochondria are the main source of reactive oxygen species in mammalian cells. Mitochondrion 12:1-4.2012PMID:21303703 Open Access
Aguirre 2012 MitochondrionAguirre E, Lopez-Bernardo E, Cadenas S (2012) Functional evidence for nitric oxide production by skeletal-muscle mitochondria from lipopolysaccharide-treated mice. Mitochondrion 12:126-31.2012PMID: 21664300
Ziegler 2012 MitochondrionZiegler CG, Peng M, Falk MJ, Polyak E, Tsika E, Ischiropoulos H, Bakalar D, Blendy JA, Gasser DL (2012) Parkinson's disease-like neuromuscular defects occur in prenyl diphosphate synthase subunit 2 (Pdss2) mutant mice. Mitochondrion 12:248-57.2012PMID: 21983691 Open Access
Pierron 2012 MitochondrionPierron D, Letellier T, Grossman LI (2012) Mitogroup: continent-specific clusters of mitochondrial OXPHOS complexes based on nuclear non-synonymous polymorphisms. Mitochondrion 12: 237-241.2012PMID: 21968253
Correa 2012 MitochondrionCorrea CC, Aw WC, Melvin RG, Pichaud N, Ballard JWO (2012) Mitochondrial DNA variants influence mitochondrial bioenergetics in Drosophila melanogaster. Mitochondrion 12:459-64.2012PMID: 22735574
Govindaraj 2011 MitochondrionGovindaraj P, Khan NA, Gopalakrishna P, Chandra RV, Vanniarajan A, Reddy AA, Singh S, Kumaresan R, Srinivas G, Singh L, Thangaraj K (2011) Mitochondrial dysfunction and genetic heterogeneity in chronic periodontitis. Mitochondrion 11:504-12.2011PMID: 21296687
Comelli 2011 MitochondrionComelli M, Domenis R, Bisetto E, Contin M, Marchini M, Ortolani F, Tomasetig L, Mavelli I (2011) Cardiac differentiation promotes mitochondria development and ameliorates oxidative capacity in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts. Mitochondrion 11:315-26.2011PMID: 202010
Gizatullina 2011 MitochondrionGizatullina ZZ, Gaynutdinov TM, Svoboda H, Jerzembek D, Knabe A, Vielhaber S, Malesevic M, Heinze HJ, Fischer G, Striggow F, Gellerich FN (2011) Effects of cyclosporine A and its immunosuppressive or non-immunosuppressive derivatives [D-Ser]8-CsA and Cs9 on mitochondria from different brain regions. Mitochondrion 11(3):421-9.2011PMID: 21167961
Thomas 2011 MitochondrionThomas RR, Khan SM, Portell FR, Smigrodzki RM, Bennett JP Jr (2011) Recombinant human mitochondrial transcription factor A stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis and ATP synthesis, improves motor function after MPTP, reduces oxidative stress and increases survival after endotoxin. Mitochondrion 11:108-18.2011PMID: 20727424 Open Access
Kelly 2011 MitochondrionKelly OM, McNamara YM, Manzke LH, Meegan MJ, Porter RK (2011) The preservation of in vivo phosphorylated and activated uncoupling protein 3 (UCP3) in isolated skeletal muscle mitochondria following administration of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA aka ecstasy) to rats/mice. Mitochondrion. 12:110-19.2011PMID:21453795
Djafarzadeh 2011 MitochondrionDjafarzadeh S, Vuda M, Takala J, Ochs M, Jakob SM (2011) Toll-like receptor-3-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in cultured human hepatocytes. Mitochondrion 11:83-8.2011PMID: 20691286
Boushel 2011 MitochondrionBoushel RC, Gnaiger E, Calbet JA, Gonzalez-Alonso J, Wright-Paradis C, Sondergaard H, Ara I, Helge JW, Saltin B (2011) Muscle mitochondrial capacity exceeds maximal oxygen delivery in humans. Mitochondrion 11:303-7.2011PMID: 21147270
Pecinova 2011 MitochondrionPecinova A, Drahota Z, Nuskova H, Pecina P, Houstek J (2011) Evaluation of basic mitochondrial functions using rat tissue homogenates. Mitochondrion 11:722-8.2011PMID:21664301 Open Access
Mendelev 2011 MitochondrionMendelev N, Mehta SL, Witherspoon S, He Q, Sexton JZ, Li PA (2011) Upregulation of human selenoprotein H in murine hippocampal neuronal cells promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and functional performance. Mitochondrion 11:76-82.2011PMID: 20656065 Open Access
Montaigne 2011 MitochondrionMontaigne D, Marechal X, Preau S, Baccouch R, Modine T, Fayad G, Lancel S, Neviere R (2011) Doxorubicin induces mitochondrial permeability transition and contractile dysfunction in the human myocardium. Mitochondrion 11:22-6.2011PMID:20599629
Tranah 2011 MitochondrionTranah GJ, Manini TM, Lohman KK, Nalls MA, Kritchevsky S, Newman AB, Harris TB, Miljkovic I, Biffi A, Cummings SR, Liu Y (2011) Mitochondrial DNA variation in human metabolic rate and energy expenditure. Mitochondrion 11:855-61.2011PMID: 21586348 Open Access
Roy Chowdhury 2011 MitochondrionRoy Chowdhury SK, Dobrowsky RT, Fernyhough P (2011) Nutrient excess and altered mitochondrial proteome and function contribute to neurodegeneration in diabetes. Mitochondrion 11:845-54.2011PMID: 21742060 Open Access
Guillet 2010 MitochondrionGuillet V, Chevrollier A, Cassereau J, Letournel F, Gueguen N, Richard L, Desquiret V, Verny C, Procaccio V, Amati-Bonneau P, Reynier P, Bonneau D (2010) Ethambutol-induced optic neuropathy linked to OPA1 mutation and mitochondrial toxicity. Mitochondrion 10:115-24.2010PMID: 19900585
Caro 2010 MitochondrionCaro P, Gómez J, Arduini A, González-Sánchez M, González-García M, Borrás C, Viña J, Puertas MJ, Sastre J, Barja G (2010) Mitochondrial DNA sequences are present inside nuclear DNA in rat tissues and increase with age. Mitochondrion 10:479-86.2010PMID: 20546951
Kotarsky 2010 MitochondrionKotarsky H, Karikoski R, Mörgelin M, Marjavaara S, Bergman P, Zhang DL, Smet J, van Coster R, Fellman V (2010) Characterization of complex III deficiency and liver dysfunction in GRACILE syndrome caused by a BCS1L mutation. Mitochondrion 10:497-509.2010PMID: 20580947
Iyer 2009 MitochondrionIyer S, Thomas R, Portell F, Dunham L, Quigley C, Bennett JP (2009) Recombinant mitochondrial transcription factor A with N-terminal mitochondrial transduction domain increases respiration and mitochondrial gene expression. Mitochondrion 9:196-203.2009PMID: 19460293 Open Access
Miles 2007 MitochondrionMiles MV (2007) The uptake and distribution of coenzyme Q(10). Mitochondrion 7 Suppl:S72-7.2007PMID:17446143
Tran 2007 MitochondrionTran UC, Clarke CF (2007) Endogenous synthesis of coenzyme Q in eukaryotes. Mitochondrion 7 Suppl:S62-71.2007PMID:17482885 Open Access
Mayevsky 2007 MitochondrionMayevsky A, Chance B (2007) Oxidation–reduction states of NADH in vivo: From animals to clinical use. Mitochondrion 7:330-9.2007PMID: 17576101
Bentinger 2007 MitochondrionBentinger M, Brismar K, Dallner G (2007) The antioxidant role of coenzyme Q. Mitochondrion Suppl:S41-50.2007PMID:17482888
Hassoun 2006 MitochondrionHassoun SM, Lancel S, Petillot P, Decoster B, Favory R, Marchetti P, Neviere R (2006) Sphingosine impairs mitochondrial function by opening permeability transition pore. Mitochondrion 6:149-54.2006PMID: 16725383
Gellerich 2004 MitochondrionGellerich FN, Mayr JA, Reuter S, Sperl W, Zierz S (2004) The problem of interlab variation in methods for mitochondrial disease diagnosis: enzymatic measurement of respiratory chain complexes. Mitochondrion 4:427-39.2004PMID: 16120404
Puchowicz 2004 MitochondrionPuchowicz MA, Varnes ME, Cohen BH, Friedman NR, Kerr DS, Hoppel CL (2004) Oxidative phosphorylation analysis: assessing the integrated functional activity of human skeletal muscle mitochondria-case studies. Mitochondrion 4:377-85.2004PMID: 16120399
Brewer 2004 MitochondrionBrewer GJ, Jones TT, Wallimann T, Schlattner U (2004) Higher respiratory rates and improved creatine stimulation in brain mitochondria isolated with anti-oxidants. Mitochondrion 4:49-57.2004PMID: 16120374
Vishnevsky 2003 MitochondrionVishnevsky EL, Kondrashova MN, Pushkar DY, Vishnevsky E, Demidov AA, Sirota TV, Temnov AV, Khunderyakova NV, Zakharchenko MV, Kosyakova NI (2003) Role of the impairment of oxidative metabolism in pathogenesis of lower urinary tract symptoms with benign prostatic hyperplasia and their treatment by alpha1-adrenoblocker alfuzosin. Mitochondrion 3: 67-73.2003PMID: 16120345
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