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Name Morosinotto Tomas, Dr.
Morosinotto Tomas
Dipartimento di Biologia,

Università di Padova, IT

Address Via Ugo Bassi 58b, 35121
City Padova
Country Italy
O2k-Network Lab

Bioenergetics Communications

Keywords: photosynthesis, algae, chloroplast, photoprotection



Vera Vives 2022 MitoFit2022-05-12Vera-Vives AM, Perin G, Morosinotto T (2022) The robustness of NextGen-O2k for building PI curves in microalgae. MitoFit Preprints 2022.19.
Fattore 2021 Physiol Plant2021Fattore N, Savio S, Vera-Vives AM, Battistuzzi M, Moro I, La Rocca N, Morosinotto T (2021) Acclimation of photosynthetic apparatus in the mesophilic red alga Dixoniella giordanoi. Physiol Plant 173:805-17.
LaRosa 2018 Plant Physiol2018LaRosa V, Meneghesso A, La Rocca N, Steinbeck J, Hippler M, Szabo I, Morosinotto T (2018) Mitochondria affect photosynthetic electron transport and photosensitivity in a green alga. Plant Physiol 176:2305-14.
Simionato 2013 Eukaryotic Cell2013Simionato D, Block MA, La Rocca N, Jouhet J, Maréchal E, Finazzi G, Morosinotto T (2013) The response of Nannochloropsis gaditana to nitrogen starvation includes de novo biosynthesis of triacylglycerols, a decrease of chloroplast galactolipids, and reorganization of the photosynthetic apparatus. Eukaryotic Cell 12:665–76.


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  • Dr. Tomas Morosinotto is is Early tester/adopter in the NextGen-O2k project.