NO Trondheim Grill V

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NO Trondheim Grill V

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Address , 7030
City Trondheim
Country Norway
Contact Grill Valdemar
Team Bruerberg SG, Hals Ingrid K, Slemmen Kylling Mari
Team previous
Status O2k 2010-
Oroboros Events IOC82, IOC61


Hals 2017 Physiol Rep2017Hals I, Ohki T, Singh R, Ma Z, Björklund A, Balasuriya C, Scholz H, Grill V (2017) Hyperoxia reduces insulin release and induces mitochondrial dysfunction with possible implications for hyperoxic treatment of neonates. Physiol Rep 5. pii: e13447.
Hals 2016 Islets2016Hals IK, Singh R, Ma Z, Scholz H, Björklund A, Grill V (2016) Culture at low glucose up-regulates mitochondrial function in pancreatic β cells with accompanying effects on viability. Islets 8:165-76.
Hals 2015 PLoS One2015Hals IK, Bruerberg SG, Ma Z, Scholz H, Björklund A, Grill V (2015) Mitochondrial respiration in insulin-producing β-cells: general characteristics and adaptive effects of hypoxia. PLoS One 10:e0138558.
Hals 2013 J Diabetes Res2013Hals IK, Rokstad AM, Strand BL, Oberholzer J, Grill V (2013) Alginate microencapsulation of human islets does not increase susceptibility to acute hypoxia. J Diabetes Res 2013:374925.
Hals 2012 Biochem Biophys Res Commun2012Hals IK, Ogata H, Pettersen E, Ma Z, Björklund A, Skorpen F, Egeberg KW, Grill V (2012) Marked over expression of uncoupling protein-2 in beta cells exerts minor effects on mitochondrial metabolism. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 423:259-64.
Ma 2012 Islets2012Ma Z, Wirstroem T, Borg H, Larsson-Nyren G, Hals IK, Bondo-Hansen J, Grill V, Bjoerklund A (2012) Diabetes reduces β-cell mitochondria and induces distinct morphological abnormalities, which are reproducible by high glucose in vitro with attendant dysfunction. Islets V(4) - I(3) - (05-06/2012).


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