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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2018) Sexual harassment of women: climate, culture, and consequences in academic sciences, engineering, and medicine. The National Academies Press, Washington DC. doi:

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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (2018) National Academies Press

Abstract: Important gains have been made in the past two decades in the participation of women in science, engineering, and biomedical disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels of the United States. However, more rapid and sustained progress in closing the gender gap in science, engineering, and medicine is jeopardized by the persistence of sexual harassment and its adverse impact on women's careers in our nation's colleges and universities.

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Selected quotes

  • Leadership training programs for those in Academia should include training on how to recognize and handle harassment issues, and how to take explicit steps to create a culture and climate to reduce and prevent sexual harassment-and not just protect the institution against liability.
  • State legislature and Congress should consider new and additional legislation with the following goals:
a. Better protecting sexual harassment claimants from retaliation.
b. Prohibiting confidentiality in settlement agreements that currently enable harassers to move to another institution and conceal past adjucations.
  • In addition to these risk factors, there are also conditions on campus that are exacerbating the problem, including the following:
  • Insufficient attention to this topic among campus leaders-including presidents, provosts, deans, and department chairs.
  • Lack of clear policies and procedures on campus, and within departments, that make clear that all forms of sexual harassment, including gender harassment, will not be tolerated; that investigations will be taken seriously; and that there are meaningful punishments for violating the policies.


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