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Svab 2019 Neurochem ResSvab G, Doczi J, Gerencser AA, Ambrus A, Gallyas F, Sümegi B, Tretter L (2019) The mitochondrial targets of neuroprotective drug vinpocetine on primary neuron cultures, brain capillary endothelial cells, synaptosomes, and brain mitochondria. Neurochem Res 44:2435-47.2019PMID: 31535355
Lores-Arnaiz 2016 Neurochem ResLores-Arnaiz S, Lombardi P, Karadayian AG, Orgambide F, Cicerchia D, Bustamante J (2016) Brain cortex mitochondrial bioenergetics in synaptosomes and non-synaptic mitochondria during aging. Neurochem Res 41:353-63.2016PMID: 26818758
Pohland 2016 Neurochem ResPohland M, Hagl S, Pellowska M, Wurglics M, Schubert-Zsilavecz M, Eckert GP (2016) MH84: a novel γ-secretase modulator/PPARγ agonist-improves mitochondrial dysfunction in a cellular model of Alzheimer's disease. Neurochem Res 41:231-42.2016PMID: 26721513
Iglesias-Gonzalez 2012 Neurochem ResIglesias-Gonzalez J, Sanchez-Iglesias S, Mendez-Alvarez E, Rose S, Hikima A, Jenner P, Soto-Otero R (2012) Differential toxicity of 6-hydroxydopamine in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells and rat brain mitochondria: protective role of catalase and superoxide dismutase. Neurochem Res 37:2150-60.2012PMID: 22821477
Bustamante 2008 Neurochem ResBustamante J, Czerniczyniec A, Cymeryng C, Lores-Arnaiz S (2008) Age related changes from youth to adulthood in rat brain cortex: nitric oxide synthase and mitochondrial respiratory function. Neurochem Res 33:1216-23.2008PMID: 18259860
Kuhnt 2007 Neurochem ResKuhnt T, Pelz T, Qu X, Haensgen G, Dunst J, Gellerich FN (2007) Mitochondrial OXPHOS functions in R1H rhabdomyosarcoma and skeletal muscles of the rat. Neurochem Res 32:973–80.2007PMID: 17273927
Tretter 2007 Neurochem ResTretter L, Adam-Vizi V (2007) Moderate dependence of ROS formation on DeltaPsim in isolated brain mitochondria supported by NADH-linked substrates. Neurochem Res 32:569-75.2007PMID:16933091
Kahraman 2007 Neurochem ResKahraman S, Fiskum G (2007) Anoxia-induced changes in pyridine nucleotide redox state in cortical neurons and astrocytes. Neurochem Res 32:799-806.2007PMID: 17191134 Open Access
McKenna 1995 Neurochem ResMcKenna MC, Tildon JT, Stevenson JH, Huang X, Kingwell KG (1995) Regulation of mitochondrial and cytosolic malic enzymes from cultured rat brain astrocytes. Neurochem Res 20: 1491-501.1995PMID: 8789613