NextGen-O2k Exploitation

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NextGen-O2k Exploitation


The revolutionary all-in-one instrument to conquer mitochondrial disease.

WP4: Exploitation


Preparation for a successful market launch of the NextGen-O2k.

Progress and next steps

2020-02-04: Our Mitochondrial Wizard Luiza Daltro Cardoso, PhD went to Japan to meet our distributor and teach him high-resolution respirometry combined with H2O2, mt-membrane potential and ATP production measurements: Distributor engagement Tokyo JP
2020-10-03: Erich Gnaiger travels to Fukuoka to attend J-Mit and ASMRM 2019 and meet our distributor Berthold Japan K.K.
2019-07-01: The first Distributor Meeting took place, see more: Oroboros Distributor Meeting

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