NextGen-O2k Exploitation

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NextGen-O2k Exploitation


The revolutionary all-in-one instrument to conquer mitochondrial disease.

WP4: Exploitation


Preparation for a successful market launch of the NextGen-O2k.


Project Year 1: During the first year of the project we dedicated time to our IP strategy and successfully registered “NextGen-O2k”, “DatLab” and “High-Resolution Respirometry” as EU-trademarks. In addition to IP management and periodic IP Watch to ensure that our Freedom-to-operate (FTO) remains unimpeded, we also increased our distributor engagement. Furthermore, we explored the NextGen-O2k’s potential as a medical device and made progress on its algal biotechnology applications. The final component of WP4 for year one was the preparation for ISO certification and the implementation of new quality control measures.
Project Year 2: Year 2 was focused on ensuring processes were in place to deliver high quality and customer satisfaction. This included creating a quality quality policy statement, QM Handbook and Data Management Plan, as well as carrying out a customer satisfaction survey. Our Distributor Relations Dragon, Feiyuan Zhang, continued to work closely with our distributors keeping them abreast of progress and gaining valuable feedback. IP management and IP watch were continued on a regular basis to ensure that the FTO remained unimpeded and the term “O2k” was registered in the EU.

Progress and next steps

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