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NextGen-O2k Exploitation


The revolutionary all-in-one instrument to conquer mitochondrial disease.

WP4: Exploitation


Preparation for a successful market launch of the NextGen-O2k.


Project Year 1: During the first year of the project we dedicated time to our IP strategy and successfully registered “NextGen-O2k”, “DatLab” and “High-Resolution Respirometry” as EU-trademarks. In addition to IP management and periodic IP Watch to ensure that our Freedom-to-operate (FTO) remains unimpeded, we also increased our distributor engagement. Furthermore, we explored the NextGen-O2k’s potential as a medical device and made progress on its algal biotechnology applications. The final component of WP4 for year one was the preparation for ISO certification and the implementation of new quality control measures.

Progress and next steps

2021-03-01: Quality policy statement finalized and signed by the Oroboros Leadership Group
2021-01-12: Customer satisfaction survey circulated
2020-11-20: Proof-of-Concept experiments demonstrating the potential of the NextGen-O2k PB-Module for algal biotechnology carried out.
2020-05-22: Successful registration of “NextGen-O2k”, “DatLab” and “High-Resolution Respirometry” as EU-trademarks
2020-05-08/15: Our Customer Relations Elf, Carolina Gnaiger, attended a 2-day Intellectual Property Right Webinar on patent and trade mark search.
2020-02-04: Our Mitochondrial Wizard Luiza Daltro Cardoso, PhD went to Japan to meet our distributor and teach him high-resolution respirometry combined with H2O2, mt-membrane potential and ATP production measurements: Distributor engagement Tokyo JP
2020-02-03 The O2k-Installation Qualification / Operational Qualification protocol (abbrev: IQOQ) is available now: MiPNet25.08 O2k-IQOQ protocol
2019-12-20: Started registration process of “NextGen-O2k” as an EU-trademark
2020-10-03: Erich Gnaiger travels to Fukuoka to attend J-Mit and ASMRM 2019 and meet our distributor Berthold Japan K.K.
2019-07-01: The first Distributor Meeting took place, see more: Oroboros Distributor Meeting

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