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O2k-Catalogue: O2k-Modules


Description 4#### O2k-Catalogue: O2k-Modules. O2k-Modules can be obtained with the O2k or added later, and can be simply installed by the user.
Product ID 4####
Type O2k, MultiSensor
Image 4####
O2k-Core to FluoRespirometer


O2k-Modules are add-on modules supported by the O2k. When one (or more) analytical parameters are monitored simultaneously with oxygen concentration and oxygen flux in the O2k, this is an O2k-MultiSensor application. The O2k fully supports the O2k-Modules.

O2k-Catalogue: O2k-Modules

 DescriptionProduct idProduct image
TIP2k-ModuleTIP2k-Module - Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k) for two-channel operation with the O2k-FluoRespirometer with automatic control by DatLab of programmable titration regimes and feedback control (oxystat, pH-stat). The TIP2k-Module includes TIP2k-Accessories: 4 Microinjection syringes, 1 Pkg. TIP2k-Needle Spacers with mounting tool, 1 TIP2k-Needle Safety Support and 1 Pkg. TIP2k Filter Papers, and the newest DatLab version.11100-03
TIP2k with 200 mm3 microsyringe.JPG
O2k-Fluo LED2-ModuleThe O2k-Fluo LED2-Module is a component of the O2k-Fluorometer (O2k-Series D to G). It is an amperometric add-on module to the O2k-Core (O2k-Series D to G), adding a new dimension to high-resolution respirometry. Optical sensors are inserted through the front window of the O2k-glass chambers, for measurement of hydrogen peroxide production (Amplex UltraRed), ATP production (Magnesium green), mt-membrane potential (Safranin, TMRM), Ca2+ (Calcium green), and numerous other applications open for O2k-user innovation. The O2k-Fluo LED2-Module consists of optical sensors for both O2k-Chambers (LEDs for green and blue excitation), optical filters and the Fluorescence-Control Unit for regulation of light intensity and data input into the O2k-Main Unit (O2k-Series D to G). It includes the updated DatLab software.12100-02
Fluorescence-Control Unit lettered.jpg
Upgrade of O2k-Respirometer to O2k-FluoRespirometerUpgrade of O2k-Respirometer to O2k-FluoRespirometer

High-resolution respirometry (HRR) can be upgraded with additional Smart Fluorescence-Sensors Startup O2k-Respirometers (O2k-Series H).

The upgrade includes:

  • 2 Smart Fluo-Sensors, green LED emission, photodiode and filters, excitation LED 525 nm (dominant wavelength), pre-calibrated intensity
  • 2 Smart Fluo-Sensors, blue LED emission, photodiode and filters, excitation LED 465 nm (dominant wavelength), pre-calibrated intensity
  • 3 Filter Sets (Mg green/Ca Green, Amplex UltraRed, Safranin) consisting of LED filters and photodiode filters
  • Current DatLab version
O2k-TPP+ ISE-ModuleO2k-TPP+ ISE-Module: 2 potentiometric ion-selective electrodes (ISE), ISE-Service Kit and 2 PEEK-Stoppers, supported by the Oroboros O2k (O2k-Series D and higher). It also includes the newest DatLab Version. The ISE module is designed with replaceable membranes making it possible to measure different ions such as TPP+ or Ca2+ with the same electrode housing. The main application of the O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module is measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential with tetraphenylphosphonium (TPP+) or TPMP+.12300-03
TPP new.jpg
O2k-pH ISE-ModuleO2k-pH ISE-Module: two pH electrodes and reference electrodes and accessories, two black PEEK stoppers, supported by the Oroboros O2k. It also includes the newest DatLab version. Quality control: Stability of Oroboros pH electrodes is tested for drift <15 µpH·s-1·mL-1.12400-02
PH new.jpg
O2k-NO Amp-ModuleO2k-NO Amp-Module: 2 black PEEK stoppers for amperometric O2k-MultiSensor application (NO, H2S, H2O2); 1 additional hole (2.3 mm); central titration port; conical bottom; with Volume-Calibration Rings (A and B); 2 O-rings mounted on each stopper, with 16 spare O-rings (O-ring\Viton\12.5x1 mm; two boxes). The NO sensor is not included.12500-02
O2k-NO Amp-Module.jpg

O2k-MultiSensor Manual

ChapterSectionLast update
MiPNet15.03 O2k-MultiSensor-ISE
O2k-MultiSensor system with ion selective electrodes (ISE).
MiPNet15.05 NO-manual
O2k-MultiSensor system with amperometric sensors: NO, H2S, H2O2.
MiPNet17.05 O2k-Fluo LED2-Module
O2k-Fluo LED2-Module.
MiPNet23.15 O2k-pH ISE-Module
Measurement of proton flux with the O2k-pH ISE-Module.
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