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Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem
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Oroboros declares solidarity against the Russian aggression-war in Ukraine and against all aggression-wars worldwide. -  »More details
A future for Ukraine is the future of its science

O2k-Network Labs all over the world
  • 766 O2k-Network Labs from all over the world (50 countries) joined the Oroboros Ecosystem for high-resolution respirometry.
  • The O2k-Network Award facilitates the networking of our O2k-Network.
  • Experienced users of the Oroboros O2k are invited to join as O2k-Network Labs as experts in high-resolution respirometry.
  • O2k-Network Labs are listed below with links to homepages, Email addresses, Oroboros Events and O2k-Publications.
  • Innovative projects benefit from collaboration with Oroboros as an experienced partner — Projects.
  • Visiting scientists from O2k-Network labs benefit from special training in the Oroboros Laboratory.


» Austria » Belgium » Croatia » Czech Republic » Denmark
» Estonia » Finland » France » Germany » Hungary
» Ireland » Italy » Latvia » Lithuania » Netherlands
» Norway » Poland » Portugal » Romania » Russia
» Serbia » Slovakia » Spain » Sweden » Switzerland
» Turkey » United Kingdom

North America

» Canada » Cuba » Mexico » USA

South America

» Argentina » Brazil » Chile » Colombia » Uruguay


» China » India » Israel » Japan » Malaysia
» Qatar » Republic of Korea » Singapore » Taiwan » Thailand


» Australia » New Zealand


» Egypt » South Africa

Oroboros O2k-Training Centres

The Oroboros O2k-Training Centres have outstanding experience in O2k-FluoRespirometry, collaborate within the O2k-Network, and offer methodological advice to interested research groups.
Oroboros O2k-Training Centres are listed in the following countries:

O2k-Network: all countries

» O2k-Network all countries

O2k-Network: invitation

» Invitation to join the O2k-Network as a reference laboratory
  • The O2k-Network combines the expertise of Oroboros reference laboratories by sharing user-innovations to extend O2k and O2k-MultiSensor applications.
  • Exchange of methodological details of O2k-applications with other reference laboratories.
Power O2k-Respirometer

Power O2k-Respirometer: Many O2k-Network Labs have increased their high-resolution output by use of multiple O2k-units.
  • As an O2k-Network Reference Laboratory, you may be contacted for technical advice on applications of the O2k and high-resolution respirometry. You may offer the possibility to view the performance of the O2k.
  • Special access to software updates of DatLab.
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Further links

» O2k-Feedback
» O2k-Network discussion forum
» O2k-Workshops in O2k-Network Labs
» O2k-PowerPoint slides
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