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O2k-Network Award

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O2k-Network Award

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem

About the O2k-Network Award

We value collaboration and foster a global network of experienced O2k users and high-resolution respirometry experts for information exchange and collaboration. The O2k-Network Award is a new initiative (2022-Nov) to help facilitate the networking of our O2k-Network.
Our O2k-Network Labs receive O2k-Network Awards with the purchase of an O2k-Package. Each O2k-Network Award covers up to 3000 EUR to attend in person a specified international conference or O2k-Workshop (see Table below). The O2k-Network Award is applicable to registration, travel and accommodation, and is valid for 3 years after purchase.
Note the O2k-Network Award is only applicable to purchases made directly from Oroboros Instruments, and not those made through distributors.

Who qualifies?

  • Laboratories listed in the Oroboros O2k-Network
  • Early career investigators coming from an O2k-Network Lab, starting their own research group and listed as an O2k-Network Lab

Eligible Events

Last update 2022-11-09 β‡’ more events will be announced
 DateLocation - Country - IOC
EBEC2024 Innsbruck AT2024-08-26
Mito-and-Chlora EBEC.png
Innsbruck, AT, 2024 Aug 26-31. 22nd European Bioenergetics Conference (EBEC).
MiPNet28.02 IOC Schroecken AT2023-10-02
Schroecken AT, 2023 Oct 02-07. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC.
MiP2023 Obergurgl AT2023-07-27
Obergurgl AT. 2023 Jul 27-30. 15th MiPconference: Bioenergetics Communications on mitObesity. - cover-to-cover following the MiPschool Obergurgl 2023
MiPschool Obergurgl 20232023-07-23
Obergurgl, AT. 2023-Jul-23-27. 13th MiPschool 2023: Mitochondrial structure and function, respiratory supercomplexes, and respiratory control. - satellite to MiPconference 2023
MiPNet28.01 IOC160 Schroecken AT2023-06-19
Schroecken AT, 2023 Jun 19-24. Oroboros O2k-Workshop on high-resolution respirometry (HRR), IOC160.
EUROMIT2023 Bologna IT2023-06-11Bologna, IT, Jun 11-15, 2023. EUROMIT2023 International Conference on Mitochondrial Pathology

How to redeem your O2k-Network Award

  1. Kindly contact us if you wish to use the award for one of the events listed above
  2. We will send you a document containing all eligibility information as well as the reimbursement form
  3. After you have completed the form, you must send it to us along with all necessary receipts
  4. The reimbursement will then be transferred to your account


One Award is only for one person and one event. It cannot be shared among coworkers who are attending the same event.
If your participation in an event is supported by an Oroboros O2k-Network Award, it must be stated in an acknowledgement slide or poster of active presenters. e.g. The MiP2023 participation was financially supported by Oroboros Instruments.