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O2k-Peltier Temperature Control

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O2k-Peltier Temperature Control: Built-in electronic thermostat controlling temperature for two O2k-chambers in the range of 4 to 47 Β°C; Β±0.002 Β°C (at room temperature). Continuous recording of the O2k-Copper Block temperature with DatLab. Temperature change from 20 to 30 Β°C within 15 min; cooling from 30 to 20 Β°C within 20 min. Integral component of the O2k-Main Unit. The electronic temperature control of the O2k replaced the conventional water jacket.

Reference: O2k-Core

Lower limit of experimental temperature

  • From O2k-Series E there is a more efficient temperature management system in comparison compared to previous series. At an ambient temperature of 21.1 Β°C, a stable Peltier power of about 83% reached 0 Β°C from 37 Β°C in about 1 h.
  • For an ambient temperature of 25 Β°C, the O2k-Chamber can reach lower temperatures down to 4 Β°C. The use of temperatures lower than 4 Β°C is not within our O2k-specifications, as such the quality control parameters under these conditions are not guaranteed. We recommend taking special precautions with a set temperature of 0.5 Β°C as it could potentially damage the O2k-Chambers or any other component.
  • For experiments at 0 Β°C, the O2k can be exposed to ambient temperatures slightly above 0 Β°C (all the electronic components are evaluated under minimum temperatures of 0 Β°C, which should be avoided due to condensation concerns). For low room temperatures close to 0 Β°C a humidity control system should be used.
With O2k-Series D a stable chamber temperature of 0 Β°C was obtained at a room temperature of ~14 Β°C. The cooling power of the Peltier element reached 95% of its maximum capacity.
  • To use temperatures lower than our O2k-specifications , see test experiments on O2k-Specifications. Please note that to reach a lower ambient temperature needed for experiments at 2 Β°C, a cold room is not necessarily required; an air-conditioned room should suffice.


Block temperature does not increase while heating with full power


Our O2k (likely bought in 2004) seems to have a problem of temperature control (error message + TΒ°C staying at RT despite a set TΒ°C of 40Β°C). Following the instructions of DatLab_error_messages; I switched it off and on (likely > 10 times), tried with an older version of the software and different temperature (20 to 40Β°C), but nothing seems to fix the issue. Representative data is attached (2020-04-22).

Ticket-2020042210000011 O2k Peltier.png
Answer: See DatLab error: Average block temperature over past 10 min has not reached set temperature and DatLab error: Block temperature does not increase while heating with full power. If the problem persists, the O2k-Peltier Temperature Control has an electronic defect and the O2k-Main Unit has to be sent to the electronics workshop of OROBOROS for service.

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