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Dec 2021

  • Dec-15 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Exercise increased mitochondrial respiration in adipose tissue in prediabetics, whereas in skeletal muscle only mitochondrial content was increased
  • Szczerbinski L, Taylor MA, Puchta U, Konopka P, Paszko A, Citko A, Szczerbinski K, Goscik J, Gorska M, Larsen S, Kretowski A (2021) The response of mitochondrial respiration and quantity in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue to exercise in humans with prediabetes. Cells 10:3013. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »DK Copenhagen Larsen S«

  • Dec-07 Tu
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways What is ROUTINE respiration?

ROUTINE respiration is the respiratory activity of living (non-permeabilized) cells in the physiological coupling state, which is controlled by cellular energy demand, energy turnover and the degree of coupling to phosphorylation.
- »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways - Chapter 2.4« 
- communicated by »Komlodi Timea« and »Schmitt Sabine«

Nov 2021

  • Nov-30 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Targeting mitochondrial translation – a potential therapeutic strategy to suppress glioblastoma stem cell growth
  • Sighel D, Notarangelo M, Aibara S, Re A, Ricci G, Guida M, Soldano A, Adami V, Ambrosini C, Broso F, Rosatti EF, Longhi S, Buccarelli M, D'Alessandris QG, Giannetti S, Pacioni S, Ricci-Vitiani L, Rorbach J, Pallini R, Roulland S, Amunts A, Mancini I, Modelska A, Quattrone A (2021) Inhibition of mitochondrial translation suppresses glioblastoma stem cell growth. Cell Rep 35:109024. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »IT Bolzano Pichler I«

  • Nov-23 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap High intensity cycle training decreases H2O2 production and increases antioxidant levels in obese prediabetic adults
  • Flensted-Jensen M, Gram M, Dela F, Helge JW, Larsen S (2021) Six weeks of high intensity cycle training reduces H2O2 emission and increases antioxidant protein levels in obese adults with risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Free Radic Biol Med 173:1-6. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »DK Copenhagen Larsen S«

  • Nov-18 Th
O2k-brief repository Compromised respiration in rat brain and heart tissue homogenate after cardiac arrest and ischemia/reperfusion injury
  • Liang L, Zhang G, Cheng C, Li H, Jin T, Su C, Xiao Y, Bradley J, Peberdy MA, Ornato JP, Mangino MJ, Tang W (2021) High-resolution respirometry for evaluation of mitochondrial function on brain and heart homogenates in a rat model of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Biomed Pharmacother 142:111935. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »US VA Richmond Mangino MJ« 

  • Nov-16 Tu
MitoFit Preprints pdf.png Measurement of hydrogen peroxide production under hypoxia: Facts and artefacts with the Amplex UltraRed assay
  • Komlódi T, Sobotka O, Gnaiger E (2021) Facts and artefacts on the oxygen dependence of hydrogen peroxide production using Amplex UltraRed. MitoFit Preprints 2021.10. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0010
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Nov-09 Tu
Bioenergetics Communications Reviewing cellular models to decipher the mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease
  • Krako Jakovljevic N, Ebanks B, Katyal G, Chakrabarti L, Markovic I, Moisoi N (2021) Mitochondrial homeostasis in cellular models of Parkinson’s disease. Bioenerg Commun 2021.2. doi:10.26124/bec:2021-0002
from the O2k-Networks »RS Belgrade Lalic NM«, »UK Nottingham Chakrabarti L«, and »UK Leicester Moisoi N «

Oct 2021

  • Oct-26 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Atorvastatin impairs mitochondrial respiration but does not alter oxidative stress in liver
  • Christiansen LB, Dohlmann TL, Ludvigsen TP, Parfieniuk E, Ciborowski M, Szczerbinski L, Kretowski A, Desler C, Tiano L, Orlando P, Martinussen T, Olsen LH, Larsen S (2021) Atorvastatin impairs liver mitochondrial function in obese Göttingen Minipigs but heart and skeletal muscle are not affected. Sci Rep 11:2167. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »DK Copenhagen Larsen S«

  • Oct-14 Th
MitoFit pdf Bioenergetic concept-driven normalization
  • Gnaiger E (2021) Bioenergetic cluster analysis – mitochondrial respiratory control in human fibroblasts. MitoFit Preprints 2021.8 doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0008
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Oct-12 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Protocol for analyzing human platelet mitochondrial function in field studies
  • Hoppel F, Garcia-Souza LF, Kantner-Rumplmair W, Burtscher M, Gnaiger E, Pesta D, Calabria E (2021) Human platelet mitochondrial function reflects systemic mitochondrial alterations: a protocol for application in field studies. Cells 10:2088. »Bioblast link«
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros« »DE Duesseldorf Roden M«, »IT Verona Calabria E«

  • Oct-06 We
MitoFit pdf Comparison of isolation methods on mitochondrial respiration of platelets: apheresis versus density gradient centrifugation
  • Vernerova A, Garcia-Souza LF, Soucek O, Kostal M, Rehacek V, Krcmova LK, Gnaiger E, Sobotka O (2021) Mitochondrial respiration of platelets: comparison of isolation methods. MitoFit Preprints 2021.6. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0006
from the O2k-Network »CZ Hradec Kralove Cervinkova Z« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

  • Oct-04 Mo
MitoFit pdf Respirometry in attached and suspended cells
  • Zdrazilova L, Hansikova H, Gnaiger E (2021) Comparable respiratory activity in attached and suspended human fibroblasts. MitoFit Preprints 2021.7. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0007
from the O2k-Network »CZ Prague Zeman J« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«

Sep 2021

  • Sep-14 Tu
O2k-brief repository Remodeling of OXPHOS in prostate cancer to potentially damaging mtDNA mutations and differential expression of mt-genes
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros« 
  • Schöpf Bernd, Weissensteiner Hansi, Schäfer Georg, Fazzini Federica, Charoentong Pornpimol, Naschberger Andreas, Rupp Bernhard, Fendt Liane, Bukur Valesca, Giese Irina, Sorn Patrick, Sant’Anna-Silva Ana Carolina, Iglesias-Gonzalez Javier, Sahin Ugur, Kronenberg Florian, Gnaiger Erich, Klocker Helmut (2020) OXPHOS remodeling in high-grade prostate cancer involves mtDNA mutations and increased succinate oxidation. Nat Commun 11:1487. »Bioblast link«

  • Sep-06 Mo
Importance of mitochondrial fitness in viral infections - exercise as a protective factor for COVID-19
from the O2k-Network »CH Lausanne Place N« and  »AT Innsbruck Burtscher M« 
  • Burtscher J, Burtscher M, Millet GP (2021) The central role of mitochondrial fitness on antiviral defenses: An advocacy for physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Redox Biol 43:1-13. »Bioblast link«

  • Sep-04 Sa - World Leukemia Day
O2k-brief repository Mitochondrial respiration of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells can serve as a biomarker for treatment response
from the O2k-Network »CA Winnipeg Banerji V«
  • Chowdhury SR, Peltier C, Hou S, Singh A, Johnston JB, Gibson SB, Marshall A, Banerji V (2021) Ex vivo mitochondrial respiration parallels biochemical response to ibrutinib in CLL cells. Cancers (Basel) 13:E354. »Bioblast link«

  • Sep-01 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Impaired mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle fibers of a presymptomatic COVID-19 patient

from the O2k-Network »US UT Salt Lake City Richardson R« 

  • Trinity JD, Craig JC, Fermoyle CC, McKenzie AI, Lewis MT, Park SH, Rondina MT, Richardson RS (2021) Impact of presymptomatic COVID-19 on vascular and skeletal muscle function: a case study. J Appl Physiol (1985) 130:1961-70. »Bioblast link«

Aug 2021

  • Aug-25 We
Bioenergetics Communications Magnesium Green™ (MgG) enables measurement of ATP production without affecting respiration
  • Cardoso LHD, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2021) Magnesium Green for fluorometric measurement of ATP production does not interfere with mitochondrial respiration. Bioenerg Commun 2021.1. doi:10.26124/bec:2021-0001

  • Aug-23 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Combined aerobic and resistance training improves mitochondrial respiration in obese women

from the O2k-Network »DK Copenhagen Larsen S« 

  • Mendham AE, Goedecke JH, Zeng Y, Larsen S, George C, Hauksson J, Fortuin-de Smidt MC, Chibalin AV, Olsson T, Chorell E (2021) Exercise training improves mitochondrial respiration and is associated with an altered intramuscular phospholipid signature in women with obesity. Diabetologia 64:1642-59. »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-17 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap A link between decreased P-L control efficiency and higher mortality of septic shock patients

from the O2k-Network »BR Rio de Janeiro Galina A« 

  • Nedel WL, Kopczynski A, Rodolphi MS, Strogulski NR, De Bastiani M, Montes THM, Abruzzi J Jr, Galina A, Horvath TL, Portela LV (2021) Mortality of septic shock patients is associated with impaired mitochondrial oxidative coupling efficiency in lymphocytes: a prospective cohort study. Intensive Care Med Exp 9:39. »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-10 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Kinetic parameters of AOX proteins from Candida spp. with respect to ubiquinol-10 in a proteoliposome system – a step towards treatment development.
from the O2k-Network »UK Brighton Moore AL«
  • Copsey AC, Barsottini MRO, May B, Xu F, Albury MS, Young L, Moore AL (2021) Kinetic characterisation and inhibitor sensitivity of Candida albicans and Candida auris recombinant AOX expressed in a self-assembled proteoliposome system. Sci Rep 11:14748. »Bioblast link«

  • Aug-03 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Increased NS-linked flux control ratios in liver mitochondria of hyperbilirubinemic rats associated with increased mitochondrial biogenesis

from the O2k-Network »AU Southport Peart J« and »AU Queensland Neuzil J«

  • Vidimce J, Pillay J, Shrestha N, Dong LF, Neuzil J, Wagner KH, Holland OJ, Bulmer AC (2021) Mitochondrial function, fatty acid metabolism, and body composition in the hyperbilirubinemic gunn rat. Front Pharmacol 12:586715. »Bioblast link«

Jul 2021

  • Jul-20 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Athletic conditioning in Alaskan racing sled dogs results in decreased calculated efficiency of skeletal muscle mitochondria.

from the O2k-Network »US OK Stillwater Davis MS«

  • Davis MS, Barrett MR (2021) Effect of conditioning and physiology hyperthermia on canine skeletal muscle mitochondrial oxygen consumption. J Appl Physiol. 130:1317-1325 »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-16 Fr
O2k-brief repository Doxorubicin-transferrin conjugate alters mitochondrial bioenergetics in breast cancer cells
from the O2k-Network »PL Lodz Watala C«
  • Wigner P, Zielinski K, Labieniec-Watala M, Marczak A, Szwed M (2021) Doxorubicin-transferrin conjugate alters mitochondrial homeostasis and energy metabolism in human breast cancer cells. Sci Rep 11:4544. »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-13 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Dietary octanoate cannot rescue cardiomyopathy in CPT2 deficiency

from the O2k-Network »US PA Pittsburgh Goetzman ES«

  • Pereyra AS, Harris KL, Soepriatna AH, Waterbury QA, Bharathi SS, Zhang Y, Fisher-Wellman KH, Goergen CJ, Goetzman ES, Ellis JM (2021) Octanoate is differentially metabolized in liver and muscle and fails to rescue cardiomyopathy in CPT2 deficiency. J Lipid Res 62:100069 »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-12 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap 4000 O2k-Publications reached!

Well over 1000 researchers have contributed to this achievement. Send us your O2k-Publication to be added to the list.
- »O2k-Publications«

  • Jul-05 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Early adipocyte hypertrophy is accompanied with decreased mitochondrial oxygen consumption and increased ROS formation
from the O2k-Network »DE Munich Zischka H«
  • Baldini F, Fabbri R, Eberhagen C, Voci A, Portincasa P, Zischka H, Vergani L (2021) Adipocyte hypertrophy parallels alterations of mitochondrial status in a cell model for adipose tissue dysfunction in obesity. Life Sci 265:118812. »Bioblast link«

  • Jul-02 Fr
O2k-brief repository Inflammation - a cause of mitochondrial dysfunction and hepatic cell death in mice fed a high-fat diet
from the O2k-Network »US MO St Louis Gross RW«
  • Moon SH, Dilthey BG, Liu X, Guan S, Sims HF, Gross RW (2021) High-Fat diet activates liver iPLA2γ generating eicosanoids that mediate metabolic stress. J Lipid Res 62: 100052. [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

Jun 2021

  • Jun-22 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Downregulation of mitoNEET causes cardiac impairment in aging
from the O2k-Network »JP Sapporo Yokota T« 
  • Furihata T, Takada S, Kakutani N, Maekawa S, Tsuda M, Matsumoto J, Mizushima W, Fukushima A, Yokota T, Enzan N, Matsushima S, Handa H, Fumoto Y, Nio-Kobayashi J, Iwanaga T, Tanaka S, Tsutsui H, Sabe H, Kinugawa S (2021) Cardiac-specific loss of mitoNEET expression is linked with age-related heart failure. Commun Biol 4:138. »Bioblast link«

  • Jun-18 Fr
O2k-brief repository Effects of sodium butyrate on mitochondrial respiration in colon cancer cells
from the O2k-Network »EE Tallinn Kaambre T«
  • Klepinina L, Klepinin A, Truu L, Chekulayev V, Vija H, Kuus K, Teino I, Pook M, Maimets T, Kaambre T (2021) Colon cancer cell differentiation by sodium butyrate modulates metabolic plasticity of Caco-2 cells via alteration of phosphotransfer network. PLoS One 16:e0245348. »Bioblast link«

  • Jun-10 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitoquinone does not alter respiration and mt-membrane potential in obese and diabetic rats.
from the O2k-Network »US IA Iowa City Sivitz WI« 
  • Fink BD, Yu L, Coppey L, Obrosov A, Shevalye H, Kerns RJ, Yorek MA, Sivitz WI (2021) Effect of mitoquinone on liver metabolism and steatosis in obese and diabetic rats. Pharmacol Res Perspect 9:e00701. »Bioblast link«

  • Jun-01 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial transplantation improves survival and bacterial clearance in a cecal slurry model of sepsis
  • Hwang JW, Lee MJ, Chung TN, Lee HAR, Lee JH, Choi SY, Park YJ, Kim CH, Jin I, Kim SH, Kwak HB, Heo JW, Na K, Choi S, Choi YS, Kim K (2021) The immune modulatory effects of mitochondrial transplantation on cecal slurry model in rat. Crit Care 25:20. »Bioblast link«

May 2021

  • May-19 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Antidiabetic drugs and blood cells – high-resolution respirometry shows PBMCs and platelets as a potential model to predict mitochondrial drug toxicity
from the O2k-Network »SE Lund Elmer E«
  • Piel S, Ehinger JK, Elmér E, Hansson Magnus J (2014) Metformin induces lactate production in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and platelets through specific mitochondrial Complex I inhibition. Acta Physiol (Oxf) 213:171-80.»Bioblast link«

  • May-12 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Does prenatal hypoxia cause sex-dependent effects of mitochondrial function?
from the O2k-Network »UK Manchester Galli GL«
  • Hellgren KT, Premanandhan H, Quinn CJ, Trafford AW, Galli GLJ (2020) Sex-dependent effects of developmental hypoxia on cardiac mitochondria from adult murine offspring. Free Radic Biol Med [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

  • May-07 Fr
O2k-brief repository Cell-permeable succinate can restore statin-inhibited mitochondrial respiration
from the O2k-Network »RO Timisoara Muntean DM« and »SE Lund Elmer E«
  • Avram VF, Chamkha I, Åsander-Frostner E, Ehinger JK, Timar RZ, Hansson MJ, Muntean DM, Elmér E (2021) Cell-permeable succinate rescues mitochondrial respiration in cellular models of statin toxicity. Int J Mol Sci 22:424. »Bioblast link«

  • May-05 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Succinate: a key regulator of mitochondrial function and HIF-1α upregulation in prostate cancer
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«, »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E«
  • Weber A, Klocker H, Oberacher H, Gnaiger E, Neuwirt H, Sampson N, Eder IE (2018) Succinate accumulation is associated with a shift of mitochondrial respiratory control and HIF-1α upregulation in PTEN negative prostate cancer cells. Int J Mol Sci 19:2129. »Bioblast link«

  • May-03 Mo
MitoFit pdf Exploring photosynthesis and dark respiration in the microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Measurement of oxygen dependence with High-Resolution PhotoRespirometry:

  • Went N, Di Marcello M, Gnaiger E (2021) Oxygen dependence of photosynthesis and light-enhanced dark respiration studied by High-Resolution PhotoRespirometry. MitoFit Prep 2021.5. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0005

Apr 2021

  • Apr-28 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap pH-regulated succinate uptake in prostate cancer
from the O2k-Network »US PA Philadelphia Orynbayeva Z«
  • Zhunussova A, Sen B, Friedman L, Tuleukhanov S, Brooks AD, Sensenig R, Orynbayeva Z (2015) Tumor microenvironment promotes dicarboxylic acid carrier-mediated transport of succinate to fuel prostate cancer mitochondria. Am J Cancer Res 5:1665-79. »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-22 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Succinate anaplerosis enhances the malignant potential of prostate cancer cells.
from the O2k-Network »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« and »FR Bordeaux Rossignol R«
  • Bastos Sant'Anna Silva AC, Perez-Valencia JA, Sciacovelli M, Lalou C, Sarlak S, Tronci L, Nikitopoulou E, Meszaros AT, Frezza C, Rossignol R, Gnaiger E, Klocker H (2021) Succinate anaplerosis has an onco-driving potential in prostate cancer cells. Cancers 13:1727.»Bioblast link«

  • Apr-15 Th
O2k-brief repository How running an ultramarathon affects platelet mitochondrial function
from the O2k-Network »IT Verona Calabria E«, »AT Innsbruck Burtscher M«, »DE Duesseldorf Roden M«, »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«
  • Hoppel F, Calabria E, Pesta DH, Kantner-Rumplmair W, Gnaiger E, Burtscher M (2021) Effects of ultramarathon running on mitochondrial function of platelets and oxidative stress parameters: a pilot study. Front Physiol 12:632664. »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-11 Su - World Parkinson's Disease Day
O2k-brief repository Parkinson model with 6-hydroxydopamine shows brain-region specific mitochondrial bioenergetics
from the O2k-Network »BR Santa Maria Soares FA«
  • Gonçalves DF, Courtes AA, Hartmann DD, da Rosa PC, Oliveira DM, Soares FAA, Dalla Corte CL (2018) 6-Hydroxydopamine induces different mitochondrial bioenergetics response in brain regions of rat. Neurotoxicology 70:1-11. »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-08 Th - Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month:
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Dominant mutation in Parkinson’s Disease causes loss of protein function in mitochondria
from the O2k-Network »FR Angers Gueguen N« and »BE Leuven Spinazzi M«
  • Cornelissen T, Spinazzi M, Martin S, Imberechts D, Vangheluwe P, Bird M, De Strooper B, Vandenberghe W (2020) CHCHD2 harboring the Parkinson's disease-linked T61I mutation precipitates inside mitochondria and induces precipitation of wild-type CHCHD2. Hum Mol Genet [Epub ahead of print]. »Bioblast link«

  • Apr-2 Fr - World Autism Awareness Day
O2k-brief repository Impaired mitochondrial function correlates to autism endophenotypes in mice
from the O2k-Network »DE Ulm Radermacher P« and »US PA Philadelphia Wallace DC«
  • Yardeni T, Cristancho AG, McCoy AJ, Schaefer PM, McManus MJ, Marsh ED, Wallace DC (2021) An mtDNA mutant mouse demonstrates that mitochondrial deficiency can result in autism endophenotypes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118:e2021429118. »Bioblast link«

Mar 2021

  • Mar-31 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Diabetes, infarct size, mitochondrial respiration and succinate dehydrogenase inhibition - how do they relate?
from the O2k-Network »DK Aarhus Boetker HE«
  • Tonnesen PT, Hjortbak MV, Lassen TR, Seefeldt JM, Bøtker HE, Jespersen NR (2021) Myocardial salvage by succinate dehydrogenase inhibition in ischemia-reperfusion injury depends on diabetes stage in rats. Mol Cell Biochem [Epub ahead of print].»Bioblast link«

  • Mar-24 We - World Tuberculosis Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap The synthetic peptide IP-1 as a treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
from the O2k-Network »MX Mexico City Uribe-Carvajal S«
  • Peláez Coyotl EA, Barrios Palacios J, Muciño G, Moreno-Blas D, Costas M, Montiel Montes T, Diener C, Uribe-Carvajal S, Massieu L, Castro-Obregón S, Espinosa OR, Mata Espinosa D, Barrios-Payan J, León Contreras JC, Corzo G, Hernández-Pando R, Del Rio G (2020) Antimicrobial peptide against Mycobacterium tuberculosis that activates autophagy is an effective treatment for tuberculosis. Pharmaceutics 12:E1071. »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-18 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Mitochondrial function in platelets of ultramarathon runners
from the O2k-Network »IT Verona Calabria E«, »AT Innsbruck Burtscher M«, »DE Duesseldorf Roden M«, »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E« and »AT Innsbruck Oroboros«
  • Hoppel F, Calabria E, Pesta DH, Kantner-Rumplmair W, Gnaiger E, Burtscher M (2021) Effects of ultramarathon running on mitochondrial function of platelets and oxidative stress parameters: a pilot study. Front Physiol 12:632664. »Bioblast link«

  • Mar-10 We
MitoFit pdf Mitochondrial physiology in Parkinson’s disease (PD)

A COST Action MitoEAGLE contribution:

  • Krako Jakovljevic N, Ebanks B, Chakrabarti L, Markovic I, Moisoi N (2021) Mitochondrial homeostasis in cellular models of Parkinson’s Disease. MitoFit Preprints 2021.4 doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0004

  • Mar-1 Mo
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Complex I of the mitochondrial electron transfer system is an important druggable target in Alzheimer's disease
from the O2k-Network »US NY New York Galkin A«
  • Stojakovic A, Trushin S, Sheu A, Khalili L, Chang SY, Li X, Christensen T, Salisbury JL, Geroux RE, Gateno B, Flannery PJ, Dehankar M, Funk CC, Wilkins J, Stepanova A, O'Hagan T, Galkin A, Nesbitt J, Zhu X, Tripathi U, Macura S, Tchkonia T, Pirtskhalava T, Kirkland JL, Kudgus RA, Schoon RA, Reid JM, Yamazaki Y, Kanekiyo T, Zhang S, Nemutlu E, Dzeja P, Jaspersen A, Kwon YIC, Lee MK, Trushina E (2021) Partial inhibition of mitochondrial complex I ameliorates Alzheimer's disease pathology and cognition in APP/PS1 female mice. Commun Biol 4:61. »Bioblast link«

Feb 2021

  • Feb-28 Su Rare disease day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Wolframin deficiency-related changes in the bioenergetics of mouse muscle
from the O2k-Network »EE Tallinn Kaambre T« »EE Tartu Paju K«
  • Tepp K, Puurand M, Timohhina N, Aid-Vanakova J, Reile I, Shevchuk I, Chekulayev V, Eimre M, Peet N, Kadaja L, Paju K, Kaambre T (2020) Adaptation of striated muscles to Wolframin deficiency in mice: Alterations in cellular bioenergetics. Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj 1864:129523. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-25 Th
MitoFit pdf Diagnosis of mitochondrial disease in frozen samples

Measurement of respiratory function in cryopreserved muscle biopsies:
Zuccolotto-dos-Reis FH, Andriao-Escarso SH, Araujo JS, Espreafico EM, Alberici LC, Sobreira CFR (2021) Acetyl CoA driven respiration in frozen muscle contributes to the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. MitoFit Preprints 2021.3. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0003

  • Feb-24 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Anticancer effect of metformin in myeloproliferative neoplasms: downregulation of JAK2/STAT signaling and mitochondrial activity
from the O2k-Network »BR Ribeirao Preto Alberici LC«
  • Machado-Neto JA, Fenerich BA, Scopim-Ribeiro R, Eide CA, Coelho-Silva JL, Dechandt CRP, Fernandes JC, Rodrigues Alves APN, Scheucher PS, Simões BP, Alberici LC, de Figueiredo Pontes LL, Tognon CE, Druker BJ, Rego EM, Traina F (2018) Metformin exerts multitarget antileukemia activity in JAK2V617F-positive myeloproliferative neoplasms. Cell Death Dis 9:311. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-22 Mo
MitoFit pdf Exploring the Q-junction in real-time

Simultaneous measurement of coenzyme Q redox state and respiration in isolated mitochondria:

  • Komlodi T, Cardoso LHD, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2021) Coupling and pathway control of coenzyme Q redox state and respiration in isolated mitochondria. MitoFit Preprints 2021.2. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0002

  • Feb-15 Mo International Childhood Cancer Day
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Glucocorticoids induce apoptosis via repressed mitochondrial respiration and altered expression of mt-transporters in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
from the O2k-Network »DE Regensburg Renner-Sattler K« and »AT Innsbruck Gnaiger E«
  • Eberhart K, Rainer J, Bindreither D, Ritter I, Gnaiger E, Kofler R, Oefner PJ, Renner K (2011) Glucocorticoid-induced alterations in mitochondrial membrane properties and respiration in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Biochim Biophys Acta 1807:719-25. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-10 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Approved FAO inhibitor Trimetazidine restricts tumor growth in oxidative lung carcinomas
from the O2k-Network »FR Bordeaux Rossignol R«
  • Amoedo ND, Sarlak S, Obre E, Esteves P, Bégueret H, Kieffer Y, Rousseau B, Dupis A, Izotte J, Bellance N, Dard L, Redonnet-Vernhet I, Punzi G, Rodrigues MF, Dumon E, Mafhouf W, Guyonnet-Dupérat V, Gales L, Palama T, Bellvert F, Dugot-Senan N, Claverol S, Baste JM, Lacombe D, Rezvani HR, Pierri CL, Mechta-Grigoriou F, Thumerel M, Rossignol R (2021) Targeting the mitochondrial trifunctional protein restrains tumor growth in oxidative lung carcinomas. J Clin Invest 131:e133081. »Bioblast link«

  • Feb-04 Th
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Could inhibitors of Dihydroorotate-dehydrogenase be anti-cancer agents?
from the O2k-Network »CZ Prague Neuzil J« »AU Queensland Neuzil J« »NL Nijmegen Koopman WJ« »AU Sydney Stocker R« »AU Queensland Peart J«
  • Bajzikova M, Kovarova J, Coelho AR, Boukalova S, Oh S, Rohlenova K, Svec D, Hubackova S, Endaya B, Judasova K, Bezawork-Geleta A, Kluckova K, Chatre L, Zobalova R, Novakova A, Vanova K, Ezrova Z, Maghzal GJ, Magalhaes Novais S, Olsinova M, Krobova L, An YJ, Davidova E, Nahacka Z, Sobol M, Cunha-Oliveira T, Sandoval-Acuña C, Strnad H, Zhang T, Huynh T, Serafim TL, Hozak P, Sardao VA, Koopman Werner JH, Ricchetti M, Oliveira PJ, Kolar F, Kubista M, Truksa J, Dvorakova-Hortova K, Pacak K, Gurlich R, Stocker R, Zhou Y, Berridge MV, Park S, Dong L, Rohlena J, Neuzil J (2019) Reactivation of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase-driven pyrimidine biosynthesis restores tumor growth of respiration-deficient cancer cells. Cell Metab 29:399-416. »Bioblast link«

Jan 2021

  • Jan-29 Fr
MitoFit pdf SUIT protocols with Magnesium Green™ (MgG) can be used to study respiration and ATP production P»

MgG dye does not affect respiration of cardiac isolated mitochondria.

  • Cardoso LHD, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E (2021) Magnesium Green for fluorometric measurement of ATP production does not interfere with mitochondrial respiration. MitoFit Preprints 2021.1. doi:10.26124/mitofit:2021-0001.

  • Jan-28 Th
Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways A quote from MitoPathways Chapter 6. Convergent electron transfer at the Q-junction:

The concept on convergent electron transfer at the Q-junction (ETS) challenges conventional OXPHOS analysis based on the ETC terminology and a way of thinking about the mitochondrial ‘electron transfer chain’ - »Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways«.

  • Jan-27 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Cell-permeable succinate prodrug NV118 improves statin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in human platelets
from the O2k-Network »RO Timisoara Muntean DM« and »SE Lund Elmer E«
  • Avram VF, Chamkha I, Åsander-Frostner E, Ehinger JK, Timar RZ, Hansson MJ, Muntean DM, Elmér E (2021) Cell-permeable succinate rescues mitochondrial respiration in cellular models of statin toxicity. Int J Mol Sci 22:424. »Bioblast link«

  • Jan-19 Tu
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Complex III is essential in mitochondrial electron transfer system maturation and supercomplex formation
from the O2k-Network »US FL Miami Moraes CT«
  • Protasoni M, Pérez-Pérez R, Lobo-Jarne T, Harbour ME, Ding S, Peñas A, Diaz F, Moraes CT, Fearnley IM, Zeviani M, Ugalde C, Fernández-Vizarra E (2020) Respiratory supercomplexes act as a platform for complex III-mediated maturation of human mitochondrial complexes I and IV. EMBO J 39:e102817. »Bioblast link«

  • Jan-13 We
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Positive effect of regular physical activity on mitochondrial respiration in burnout syndrome
from the O2k-Network »CH Basel Eckert A«
  • Brand S, Ebner K, Mikoteit T, Lejri I, Gerber M, Beck J, Holsboer-Trachsler E, Eckert A (2020) Influence of regular physical activity on mitochondrial activity and symptoms of burnout-an interventional pilot study. J Clin Med 9:E667.»Bioblast link«

  • Jan-08 Fr
O2k-brief repository Liver mitochondrial adaptation in a mouse model of NAFLD induced by a Western-style diet
from the O2k-Network »CZ Hradec Kralove Cervinkova Z«
  • Staňková P, Kučera O, Peterová E, Lotková H, Maseko TE, Nožičková K, Červinková Z (2020) Adaptation of mitochondrial substrate flux in a mouse model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Int J Mol Sci 21:E1101. »Bioblast link«
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