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Oroboros 1997

Mitochondria and Cell Research - the Oroboros Ecosystem
DatLab 2.1 was released (in cooperation with Dr. Michael Reck), including the 'Macros' for analysis of the time constant and p50 analysis for oxygen kinetics of mitochondrial and cellular respiration.

May 09-16 Innsbruck, AT: 13th Workshop on High-Resolution Respirometry IOC13, Innsbruck, University Hospital, (EU project COMMET-IIC; MERGE - Metabolic Energetics Research Group in Europe

1. Respiratory Control by Oxygen: Molecular Structure to Cellular Integration.

Cooper Chris E (Univ. Essex, UK): Non-invasive measurements of respiratory control by oxygen in patients and animal models.
Kuznetsov Andrey, Gnaiger Erich(Oroboros, and University Hospital Innsbruck, AT): Diffusion limitation of oxygen versus ADP in permeabilized muscle fibers.
Gnaiger Erich, Lassnig Barbara, Kuznetsov Andrey (University Hospital Innsbruck, AT): Mitochondrial and cellular respiratory control by oxygen at high flux.
Beauvoit Bertrand, Rigoulet Michel (CNRS Bordeaux, FR): Control and regulation of the yeast cytochrome oxidase: role of subunit VIa.
Wikström Marten (Univ. Helsinki, FI): The respiratory enzyme - an oxygen-utilizing molecular machine.
Gnaiger Erich (University Hospital Innsbruck, AT): Mitochondrial oxygen affinity and zero oxygen calibration at the limit of detection.
Bourgois Jean-Jacques (Univ. Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, BE): New insights into the role of oxygen in bacterial bioluminescence.
Stubauer Gottfried, Obendorf Dagmar, Lukas P (Univ. Innsbruck, University Hospital Innsbruck, AT): Monitoring of oxygen at the picomolar level by HPLC-EC.

2. Mitochondrial Respiratory Control - Clinical Perspectives.

Mazat Jean-Pierre (Univ. Bordeaux II and IBCN-CNRS, FR): The use of permeabilized fibers for the diagnosis of mitochondrial diseases.
Kuznetsov Andrey (Oroboros, Innsbruck, AT): Alteration of mitochondrial function in mutant mice: Animal models for myopathies.
Kunz Wolfram S (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg, DE): Evaluation of mitochondrial function in biopsies of patients with neuromuscular disorders - Clinical perspectives.
Skladal Daniela (University Hospital Innsbruck, AT): Case reports from pediatric patients with neuromuscular disorders.
Bittner Reginald (Univ. Vienna, AT): The genotype-phenotype paradox in respiratory diseases.
Skår Gry (Rikshospitalet, Univ. Oslo, NO): Establishing high resolution respirometry-studies of the respiratory chain in diabetes and methanol poisoning.
Gnaiger Erich, Rieger Gunde, Kuznetsov Andrey, Fuchs Anita, Stadlmann Sylvia (University Hospital Innsbruck, and Oroboros, AT): Mitochondrial function as a probe for cell membrane damage and respiratory defects in ischemia/reperfusion injury.

3. Course on Metabolic Control Analysis.

Visiting professor: Mazat Jean-Pierre (Univ. Bordeaux II and IBCN-CNRS, FR)
  • Metabolic control analysis (MCA): an intuitive view and a simple example.
  • Experimental determination of control coefficients: oxidative phosphorylation as an example.
  • Linear (matrix) algebra used in MCA.
  • General theory of metabolic control analysis.
  • Application of MCA to mitochondrial diseases: the threshold effect.

Further participants: Bader Charles (C.M.U. Geneva, CH); Bernheim Laurent (C.M.U. Geneva, CH); Bijlenga Philippe (C.M.U. Geneva, CH); Davies Nathan (Univ. Essex, UK); Kirty Denise (Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, AU); Rossignol Rodrigue (Univ. Bordeaux II and IBCN-CNRS, FR); Sass Joern-Oliver (University Hospital Innsbruck, AT); Sharpe Martyn (Univ. Essex, UK); Trinkel Martina (Joanneum Research, Graz, AT).