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Open Science


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Building on the essential principles of academic freedom, research integrity and scientific excellence, open science sets a new paradigm that integrates into the scientific enterprise practices for reproducibility, transparency, sharing and collaboration resulting from the increased opening of scientific contents, tools and processes. Open science is defined as an inclusive construct that combines various movements and practices aiming to make multilingual scientific knowledge openly available, accessible and reusable for everyone, to increase scientific collaborations and sharing of information for the benefits of science and society, and to open the processes of scientific knowledge creation, evaluation and communication to societal actors beyond the traditional scientific community. It comprises all scientific disciplines and aspects of scholarly practices, including basic and applied sciences, natural and social sciences and the humanities, and it builds on the following key pillars: open scientific knowledge, open science infrastructures, science communication, open engagement of societal actors and open dialogue with other knowledge systems.

Abbreviation: OS

Reference: UNESCO 2021 Open Science

Open Science and Gentle Science

Published scientific information – largely supported by the society - should be accessible in general, without separation of privileged β€˜rich’ institutions and limited access in underdeveloped countries. Open Science should be supported in the spirit of Gentle Science.

Compare Open Science and Open Access

Gentle Science

Open Access remains an unfulfilled dream as long as scientists submit to paywall journals. Beyond Open Access, Open Science emphasizes the quality and scope of scientific communication.

Bioenergetics Communications and MitoFit Preprints for Gentle Science


Bioenergetics Communications ISSN 2791-4690 (Online) is the Open Science journal on bioenergetics and mitochondrial physiology with Living Communications Open Access logo.png

Β» MitoPedia: BEC

MitoFit Preprints.png

Β» MitoFit Preprints - the Open Access preprint server for mitochondrial physiology and bioenergetics

Β» MitoPedia: Preprints

MitoPedia topics: Gentle Science, BEC 

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