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Oroboros Instruments

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Oroboros Careers

Oroboros-Team - 2018-12-07

Open positions

Currently, there are no positions open.

Oroboros in brief

Oroboros Instruments is a life science company located in Innsbruck. The company’s focus is on mitochondria and cell research. Oroboros distributes the gold standard technology for high-resolution respirometry - HRR – in 49 countries world-wide and is a scientifically oriented organization with emphasis on continuous innovation.
Instrumental development of the existing O2k technology as well as possible applications are the key of Oroboros Instruments’ leadership on the market. The extension of the Oroboros O2k to the O2k-FluoRespirometer (integrating fluorescence measurements) set a new standard and will be continued by the NextGen-O2k. The NextGen-O2k will combine High-Resolution Respirometry with O2k-Spectrofluorometry (including ratiometric measurements), NADH autofluorescence, O2k-Spectrophotometry (allowing for simultaneous measurement of redox states of the cytochromes aa3, c, and b), and a Q-redox sensor. It will have integrated optical elements beyond the modular options of the presently available Oroboros O2k. Furthermore, by expanding High-Resolution Respirometry from a two-chamber to a multi-chamber device the research instrument will become a future tool as a medical device.
Innsbruck - the city in the Alps: Tyrol and its capital Innsbruck offer the highest standards of quality of life in Austria, combining the unique alpine surroundings with an excellent infrastructure. High living standards include international schools, a very good health care system, political stability and outdoor sport activities on the doorstep, e.g. skiing, hiking, mountain climbing.


Please send your application to verena.laner@oroboros.at