PBI-Shredder SG3

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PBI-Shredder SG3


Description PBI-Shredder SG3 for tissue homogenate preparation, heavy duty high torque SG3 driver with convertible handle, SG3 base with 3 position force setting lever (FSL), battery charger and two lithium ion batteries. The PBI-Shredder SG3 is included in the PBI-Shredder O2k-Set. Select 230 V or 120 V.

Oroboros Instruments: world-wide distributor.

Product ID 52100
Type O2k, PBI-Shredder
Link PBI-Shredder O2k-Set, PBI
PBI-Shredder SG3.jpg


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» Poster by Vera Gross: Effective Semi-Automated Extraction of Intact Mitochondria from Solid Tissues Using Gentle Mechanical Homogenization and Pressure Cycling Technology

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