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Trefts 2019 ThesisOpen AccessTrefts E (2019) Integrin linked kinase is critical for hepatic cellular organization, metabolism, and glucoregulation. PhD Thesis 164.2019
Cesnekova 2019 ThesisOpen AccessCesnekova J (2019) Functional characterization of LACE1 APTase and mitochondrial AAA proteases YME1L and AFG3L2 in mitochondrial protein homeostasis. PhD Thesis 133.2019
Kovalcikova 2018 ThesisOpen AccessKovalčíková J (2018) Functional characterisation of new components of mitochondrial proteome. PhD Thesis p104.2018
Cardinale 2018 ThesisOpen AccessCardinale DA (2018) The significance of mitochondrial respiratory function in regulating oxygen uptake and performance in humans. PhD Thesis 99.2018
Efimova 2018 ThesisOpen AccessEfimova I (2018) Structural composition and functional properties of mitochondrial FoF1 ATP synthase on models of specific subunits deficiencies. PhD Thesis 94.2018
Miotto 2018 ThesisOpen AccessMiotto PM (2018) The influence of exercise and high fat feeding on the regulation of mitochondrial substrate sensitivity in skeletal muscle. PhD Thesis p185.2018
Apostolopoulou 2018 ThesisOpen AccessApostolopoulou M (2018) Determinants of insulin sensitivity in obesity and recent-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus. PhD Thesis 77.2018
Papadimitriou 2018 ThesisOpen AccessPapadimitriou ID (2018) The influence of ACTN3 R577X genotype on performance and muscle adaptations to a single bout of exercise . PhD Thesis 125.2018
Kauppila 2018 ThesisOpen AccessKauppila JHK (2018) Generating mammalian mitochondrial disease models with mitochondrial DNA mutations. PhD Thesis p120.2018
Cunatova 2018 ThesisOpen AccessČunátová K (2018) The role of tissue specific isoforms of subunit 4 in assembly and function of cytochrome c oxidase. PhD Thesis p107.2018
Gratl 2018 ThesisOpen AccessGratl A (2018) High-resolution respirometry for measurement of mitochondrial function in PAD patients before and after revascularisation. PhD Thesis 69.2018
Buso 2017 ThesisOpen AccessBuso A (2017) Mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation plasticity/adaptation triggered by disturbances and stresses and targeted by therapies. PhD Thesis p110.2017
Sobotka 2017 ThesisOpen AccessSobotka O (2017) Pharmacological and metabolic influence on liver mitochondrial functions. PhD Thesis p127.2017
Boudoures 2017 ThesisOpen AccessBoudoures AL (2017) Mitochondrial damage accumulation in oocytes – a potential link between maternal obesity and increased cardiometabolic disease risk in offspring. PhD Thesis p179.2017
De Souza 2017 ThesisOpen Accessde Souza LF (2017) Modulação redox de peroxirredoxinas e a participação dos sistemas da GSH e da Trx na proteção/função celular. Tese (doutorado) p103.2017
Nemeth 2017 ThesisOpen AccessNémeth B (2017) The effect of itaconic acid on mitochondrial substrate-level phosphorylation. PhD Thesis p84.2017
Wetzel 2017 ThesisOpen AccessWetzel MD (2017) Mechanism of metformin action in dermal fibroblasts. PhD Thesis 125.2017
Sundstroem 2015 PhD ThesisOpen accessSundstrøm T (2015) Experimental modeling and novel therapeutic strategies in melanoma brain metastasis. PhD Thesis 1-146.2015
Moore 2015 PhD ThesisOpen AccessMoore D (2015) Biostabilization of lipid bilayers: dealing with water stress in embryos of Artemia franciscana. PhD Thesis 1-111.2015
Assmann 2014 PhD ThesisPDFAssmann N (2015) Impact of Fanconi-associated protein on the mitochonrial proteome. PhD Thesis 1-111.2015
Laudien 2015 PhD ThesisPDFLaudien J (2015) Biologische Verträglichkeit künstlicher Sauerstoffträger auf Perfluorcarbon-Basis. PhD Thesis 1-137.2015
Maiti 2015 PhD ThesisPDFMaiti P (2015) The role of caseinolytic mitochondrial matrix peptidase proteolytic subunit (CLPP) in regulation of mitochondrial ribosome biogenesis in mammals. PhD Thesis 1-120.2015
Suarez 2015 PhD ThesisOpen accessSuárez Cunza S (2015) Actividad captadora de Radicales libres y Effecto antioxidante de Metabolitos secundarios del extracto acuoso des "Allium sativum" var. Huaralino (Ajo) en Modelos in vitro. PhD Thesis 1-39.2015
Hirzel 2014 PhD ThesisOpen AccessHirzel E (2014) Characterization of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells as a model for in vitro adipocytes studies. PhD Thesis 1-106.2014
Davoudi 2014 PhD ThesisDavoudi M (2014) Effect of experimental complex III deficiency on respiratory chain assembly and function. PhD Thesis 1-65.2014
Koenemann 2014 DissertationPDFKoenemann B (2014) Einfluss der Hyperglykämie auf die mitochondriale Atmung von Leberzellen septischer Mäuse mit und ohne Imeglimin. PhD Thesis 1-61.2014
Iglesias-Gonzalez 2014 PhD ThesisIglesias-Gonzalez J (2014) Neurotoxicity induced by oxidative stress and aluminium in relation to Parkinson’s disease: a mitochondrial bioenergetic approach by high-resolution respirometry. PhD Thesis 1-242.2014
Hunter 2014 PhD ThesisPDFHunter FW (2014) Old target; new paradigm: Determinants of sensitivity to hypoxia-directed anticancer prodrugs. PhD Thesis:1-353.2014
Van Bree 2014 PhD ThesisOpen Accessvan Bree B (2014) Mitochondria, lipotoxicity and skeletal muscle metabolism: implications for type 2 diabetes mellitus. PhD Thesis 1-150.2014
Mayeur 2013 PhD ThesisPDFMayeur S (2013) Retard de croissance intra-utérin et vulnérabilité au syndrome métabolique: recherche de marqueurs placentaires dans un modèle de dénutrition maternelle prénatale et chez l'Homme. PhD Thesis 1-225.2013
Fornuskova 2010 ThesisOpen AccessFornůsková D (2010) Biochemical and molecular studies of cytochrome c oxidase and ATP synthase deficiencies. PhD Thesis p93.2010
Kwon 2009 ThesisOpen AccessKwon OS (2009) Effect of acute exercise or fasting on mitochondrial function and high fat diet-induced insulin resistance. PhD Thesis 46.2009