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Respiratory state


Respiratory states of mitochondrial preparations and intact cells are defined in the current literature in many ways and with a diversity of terms. Mitochondrial respiratory states must be defined in terms of both, the coupling control state and the electron transfer-pathway state.

Reference: Gnaiger 2014 MitoPathways

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Communicated by Gnaiger E 2010-10-21, edited 2016-08-26.

Coupling control states

Coupling states and CCR of mitochondrial preparations:
Coupling states of intact cells:

Electron transfer-pathway state

Electron transfer-pathway state, PCS, are defined by substrate type (at saturating concentration):
Control by substrate concentration: Kinetic control states:
  • Kinetic substrate or adenylate control: Kinetic studies with variation of a specific substrate (reduced substrate supplying electrons to the ETS; ADP, Pi; O2; cytochrome c) are analyzed by kinetic functions (e.g. hyperbolic), yielding apparent kinetic constants, such as Jmax, Km', c50, or p50.
  • Kinetic inhibitor control: Kinetic studies with variation of a specific inhibitor yield apparent kinetic constants, such as the KI'.

Classical respiratory states

Chance and Williams (1955):
Derived respiratory states:
Thermodynamics of irreversible processes:

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