SUIT-003 Ce1;ce2SD;ce3Omy;ce4U-

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SUIT-003 Ce1;ce2SD;ce3Omy;ce4U-



Abbreviation: FNS(Oct,PGM)

Reference: B SUIT-003 Stadlmann 2006 Cell Biochem Biophys

O2k-Application: O2

SUIT protocol pattern: complex cell Coupling-control protocol ce1;ce2SD;ce3Omy;ce4U;ce5Rot;ce6Ama

Stadlmann 2006 Cell Biochem Biophys Fig1B-updated.jpg

Coupling-control protocol

  • 1ce;2ceSD;3ceOmy;4ceU;5ceRot;6ceAma
Step Respiratory state Pathway control Comment
ce1 ROUTINE Iiving cells (ce) Dead cells (dce) without substrate are in a state of ROX.
ce2SD R+SP ROUTINE (R) + S (SP) dce with functional mitochondria are in state SP.
ce3Omy L+SL LEAK respiration (L) + S (SL) ce and dce are in the LEAK state.
ce4U E+SE Electron transfer pathway (E) + S (SE) ce and dce are in the ET state.
ce5Rot ROX+SE ROX+S (SE) ce are in the ROX state, dce are in the ET state.
ce6Ama ROXAma ROX

  • ce1;ce1S .. versus ce1;ce2Omy;ce3U;ce4S .. and respiration medium
Living cells & succinate: ADP is not permeable through the plasma membrane of living cells, and this is the case for succinate in many cell types (Steinlechner-Maran 1997 Transplantation). If succinate and ADP are accessible to mitochondria in a fraction of permeabilized (non-viable) cells, respiration will be stimulated, if these mitochondria retain a functional S-pathway (CII-linked respiration). Preservation of mitochondrial respiratory function provides the argument of using mitochondrial respiration medium (MiR05) in this CCP with cells of limited viability (Stadlmann_2006_Cell Biochem Biophys).

MitoPedia concepts: SUIT protocol, SUIT B