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Sample - DatLab


In the window Sample, information is entered and displayed for the sample (Sample type, Cohort, Sample code, Sample number, Subsample number and sample concentration). Entries can be edited at any time during the experiment real-time or during post-experiment analysis. All related results are recalculated instantaneously with the new parameters. Initially, the Edit experiment window displays information from the last file recorded and saved while connected to the O2k.

Abbreviation: F3

Edit experiment
Reset to system default left click to reset values to system default.
Cancel left click to proceed quickly with the experiment, and edit any time later.

Experimental code Up to 10 digits. The File search function (Ctrl+F) lists all files with identical experimental code within a selected directory.
File recorded by (read only) shows the user who recorded the file. While connected to the O2k, the User code can be changed by left click "Change user".
O2k-serial number (read only) automatically recorded.
Power O2k (read only) as defined in Oygraph-2k \ O2k-configuration.
Chamber The following entries are entered separately for the left (A) and right (B) O2k-chamber.

Protocol Enter the protocol name.
Sample type/ Cohort/ Sample code/ Sample number Enter information about sample used in each chamber. No sample is added in O2 calibration experiments.
Unit Select a unit to express the concentration or amount of sample in the HRR assay.
Million cells - Flow: cell number
mg - Flux: mg of protein, wet weight or dry weight.
Unit - Flux: units of another marker of sample size.
Concentration Enter the sample concentration (e.g. Million cells/ml, mg Ww/ml, mg mt-protein/ml). The corresponding amount of sample is calculated on the basis of the O2k-chamber volume.
Amount Alternatively, enter the sample amount (e.g. biopsy Ww) if a known amount of sample is added into the chamber. The corresponding sample concentration is calculated on the basis of the chamber volume.
Medium Name of the incubation medium in the O2k-chamber.
Chamber volume The default is 2.00 ml. It is important to define the actually used effective volume of the O2k-chamber for further calculations of oxygen flux.

Data recording interval [s] (read only) is selected in the window O2k-control F7.
Comments For display and printing in the window Experimental log.

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Previouls DatLab versions

Up to DatLab 6:
  • The widow name was Edit experiment.