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Name Schatz Gottfried, Dr., Prof. em. fΓΌr Biochemie (Aug 18, 1936 - Oct 1, 2015)
Gottfried Schatz and Erich Gnaiger
Biozentrum, UniversitΓ€t Basel

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a true Gentle Scientist: Gottfried Schatz passed away on Oct 1 2015, and we remain grateful to him for his unique contributions to science and humanity.

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Country Switzerland
Weblink Biozentrum Basel
O2k-Network Lab

Tributes to pioneers in bioenergetics

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Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history

Mitochondria and bioblasts: Made history

Gottfried Schatz in Innsbruck 2013-06-04



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