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Description [[File:R.jpg]] In the living cell, '''ROUT
[[File:R.jpg]] In the living cell, '''ROUTINE-respiration''' (''R'') or '''ROUTINE-activity''' in the physiological coupling state is controlled by cellular energy demand, energy turnover and the degree of coupling to phosphorylation (intrinsic [[uncoupling]] and pathological [[dyscoupling]]). The conditions for measurement and expression of respiration vary ([[oxygen flux]] in state ''R'', ''J''<sub>O2''R''</sub> or [[oxygen flow]] in state ''R'', ''I''<sub>O2''R''</sub>). If these conditions are defined and remain consistent within a given context, then the simple symbol ''R'' for respiratory state can be used to substitute the more explicit expression for respiratory activity. ''R'' and growth of cells is supported by exogenous substrates in culture media. In media without energy substrates, ''R'' depends on endogenous substrates. ''R'' cannot be measured in [[permeabilized cells]] or [[isolated mitochondria]]. ''R'' is corrected for [[residual oxygen consumption]] (ROX), whereas ''R''´ is the uncorrected apparent ROUTINE-respiration or total cellular oxygen consumption of cells including ROX.
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