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high-resolution terminology - matching measurements at high-resolution



Subsamples can be obtained (1) from a homogenous sample (e.g. cell suspension, tissue homogenate, isolated mitochondria), (2) as subsamples obtained by splitting a sample into comparable parts (e.g. permeabilized muscle fibres from a biopsy split into different chambers for repeated measurements), or (3) repetitive sampling (e.g. taking multiple biopsies) at a single time point. Subsamples may be used for (i) application of different types of assay (e.g. for measurement of respiration and enzyme activities), and (ii) a number of repetitions, n, of the same assay on the same sample.

Abbreviation: n

Contributed by Gnaiger E 2016-02-11; last update 2016-05-28.

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