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Subscripts in physical chemistry

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Subscripts in physical chemistry


Subscripts in physical chemistry are used to differentiate symbols of different quantities. While these subscripts need to be short to be readable, they have to be distinct and well defined. Several subscripts relate to fundamental terms and concepts, summarized in a list below.

Alphabetical list of subscripts

Symbol Name Example
A per area QA,el
c combustion Ξ”cHB
d diffusion of protons ddnH+
e external available external work, deW
el electric of protons delnH+Β·zH+
et external total external total work, detW
f formation Ξ”fHB
g growth rg
i internal dini
i Entity i dini
in input into a coupled process dinG
k catabolic reaction dkni
mat external transfer of matter dmatH
out output of a coupled process doutG
p at constant pressure Ci,p
r reaction drni
t internal transformation (total) dtG
T at constant temperature
th thermal transformation dthH
tr transformation (partial) dtrG
V at constant volume, or per volume per volume, Ξ”GV

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