Syringe\10 mL\Gas-Injection

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Syringe\10 mL\Gas-Injection

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Syringe\10 mL\Gas-Injection, 10 mL, with spacer and stainless steel needle, flat tip, for gas injection into the O2k-chamber. 2 syringes are supplied with Oxia.

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Technical support

When using one or two O2k instruments, a 10 mL Gas-Injection Syringe is fully sufficient. Injection of a volume of 1 mL of oxygen or 8 mL of hydrogen gas into the gas phase is sufficient to change the oxygen concentration in the aqueous phase for reoxygenations (O2) or for achieving hypoxia (H2; or nitrogen or argon). The stainless steel needle with a spacer can be easily fitted to the 10 mL Gas-Injection Syringe.

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