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In prep

Did you miss the O2k-Webinar on O2k-Applications: simultaneous measurement of O₂ flux and H₂O₂ production presented by Dr. Tímea Komlódi?

Watch the recorded presentation. »O2k-Webinar: Simultaneous measurement of O2 and H2O2 production«
Read the follow-up questions and answers. »O2k-Webinar Q&A «

Do you know how to select the proper fluorescence sensors and filter set?

Using different fluorescence sensors, LED and photodiode filters, the O2k-Fluo Smart-Module (or O2k-Fluo LED2-Module) allows for measurement of hydrogen peroxide, ATP, mitochondrial membrane potential, calcium, and numerous other applications open for O2k-user innovation.
- »Selecting the Smart Fluo-Sensor« and »Selecting a Filter Set«

On hold