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Former programme IOC147

  • 2020-10-12 Mo
11:00 Coffee/tea break
13:00 Lunch

16:00 Coffee/tea break
  • 16:30 Short presentations by participants (S1-S4)
  • 17:30 Q&A - general discussion MitoPedia: O2k-Open Support

  • 2020-10-13 Tu
  • 09:00 Alexander Karabatsiakis (University of Innsbruck, AT) Invited guest lecture: Biochemical fingerprinting in blood serum of individuals exposed to early childhood trauma reveals changes in fatty acid metabolism associated with alterations in neuronal turnover and membrane degradation
  • 10:00 Luiza Cardoso (Oroboros, Innsbruck, AT) O2k-Procedures O2k demo experiment: QC in high-resolution respirometry
11:00 Coffee/tea break
  • 11:30 Luiza Cardoso (Oroboros, Innsbruck, AT) MitoPedia: SUIT O2k demo experiment: high-resolution respirometry and SUIT protocol with a mitochondrial preparation
13:00 Lunch

  • 14:30 Short presentations by participants (S5-S8)
  • 15:30 Luiza Cardoso (Oroboros, Innsbruck, AT) Respiration and H2O2 flux in brain mitochondria - tissue normoxia, hyperoxia and hypoxia
16:15 Coffee/tea break