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Thursday, Sep 22
Time Section Contents
10:00-11:30 Introduction Protonmotive force pmF = ΔmFH+
  1. Mitchell's theorems on four integrated coupling modules
  2. Is the protonmotive force — units [mV] or [kJ/mol] — a force?
  3. Is the "Gibbs energy" [kJ/mol] a force?
  4. Why did Peter Mitchell use the symbol Δp?
11:30-12:00 Coffee/tea Chat
12:00-13:00 Extension Four protonmotive theorems on protonmotive pressure ΔmΠH+
  1. Diffusion gradients
  2. Compartments: diffusion and osmotic pressure
  3. Hydrogen ions and counterions
  4. Matrix volume fraction and flux-pressure linearity