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Invitation email to speakers and MC Members

Dear MC Members and MC Substitutes,
On July 22-25, 2020 the COST Action MitoEAGLE will organize it’s final conference as the ‘MitoEAGLE Summit’. This will bring together scientists working in divergent disciplines, to discuss mitochondrial function and dysfunction, reflect the achievements of our four working groups and plan next steps on potential projects. This event will take place in Obergurgl, Austria.
It is my pleasure to invite you as a Management Committee Member to actively participate at the MitoEAGLE Summit.
As a structure of the meeting we propose the following sessions and would appreciate your general suggestions:
  • Mitochondrial respiratory fitness: Evolution-Age-Gender-Lifestyle-Environment
  • Standard operating procedures: protocols and terminology
  • MitoEAGLE data repository on muscle tissues: skeletal and cardiac
  • MitoEAGLE data repository for blood cells and cultured cells
  • MitoEAGLE data repository on other tissues
Further details will be posted on our website:
It is clear that even a very tight program cannot accommodate individual lectures from all our 97 MC Members and Substitutes. Nevertheless, we will give priority to MC Members, particularly if you team up for joint presentations according to the structure of our working groups. For shaping the final program, we would appreciate to receive the tentative title of your presentation by January 24th.

Programme suggestion

The programme is currently in preparation
The focus of the MitoEAGLE Summit will be on the achievements of the Working Groups and how to continue with the scientific work beyond the MitoEAGLE Action. Furthermore, follow-up projects will be discussed.
  • Standard operating procedures and user requirement document: Protocols, terminology, documentation
  • MitoEAGLE data repository on muscle tissues
- skeletal and cardiac
- human skeletal muscle OXPHOS capacity in relation to BMI – or BME (body mass excess) -
  • MitoEAGLE data repository on fat tissues and other tissues
- adipose, liver, neuronal
  • MitoEAGLE data repository for blood cells and cultured cells
- blood and cultured cells

Preliminary confirmation of speakers