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2018-12-04: To WG Leaders from the Action Chair

Since we are in the 2nd half of the COST Action MitoEAGLE, we ask the Working Group leaders to provide a brief update on the participants and activities of the Task Groups in their respective Working Groups.
We ask the Working Group leaders to contact the Task Group Leaders and ask them for their evaluation of the status of the Task Groups, and any suggestions to re-arrange the Task Group structure in their Working Groups.
The Task Groups are summarized on the following links. We would appreciate receiving your feedback by 2019 January 10:
SOPs and user requirement document (URD): Protocols - Terminology - Reporting
» WG1 Action
MitoEAGLE data repository on muscle tissues
» WG2 Action
MitoEAGLE data repository on fat, neuronal and liver tissues
» WG3 Action
MitoEAGLE data repository for blood cells and cultured cells
» WG4 Action

Suggestions by reviewers

  • The inclusion of a working group with specific responsibility for dissemination and training could be considered. - For example, the education programme for use of the MITOEAGLE data base could be the responsibility of the new working group.
  • This Action will benefit from a more comprehensive analysis of its long term impact on European society; as an example, the proponents say that this Action will help to distinguish noise from truth in the field of mitochondrial biology: many "noisy data" on mitochondria and the process of aging, which has a crucial impact on the society and economies of Europe.

Comment of the Scientific Committee

  • The proposed Action must develop and implement specific plans to increase the involvement of Early Career Investigators and for maintaining and monitoring gender balance.

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