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Oroboros Instruments

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Terms and conditions

As of February 2018
Country of Origin
The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that these products are of European Union/Austrian preferential origin, except where otherwise clearly indicated.
The general language for official documents, including offers, invoices and technical documentation, shall be English. The internal documents of Oroboros Instruments Corp. (GmbH) shall be in German, due to the company‘s location. If the customer requires a translation of company or official documents into another language, the customer will be charged for the costs arising from the specific translation requested.
Documents provided a Quotation
Along with a quotation, technical specifications and sole-source information are sent electronically in pdf format. Requested express delivery of hard copies will be charged separately. Bank charges in conjunction with a Bank Guarantee potentially requested by the customer will be charged separately.
Documents delivered with the instrument
A complete user manual with complete setup instructions and a start-up guide, application examples and selected literature are provided on a USB flash drive. Selected chapters are included in the printed "O2k-Manual". The latest version of the documents can be found on our homepage.
Request for Tenders
We generally accept all calls for tenders in English and German. For tenders under a certain value (EUR 20.000,-), a surcharge of 5% may be imposed due to the substantial bureaucratic efforts and expenses required.
Should a call for tenders be sent in languages other than English or German, a translation into either one aforementioned language may be provided, or the accrued expense for the translation rendered by a certified translation office shall be borne by the buyer.

Payment terms for invoiced amounts are net 30 days from invoice date and delivery. There will be no bank charges or other kind of commission for Oroboros Instruments Corp. Payment may be made by bank wire transfer or VISA / MasterCARD. Checks cannot be accepted for payment. The goods remain the property of Oroboros Instruments Corp. until full payment of the purchase price. If the full payment of the purchase price is not received after the first reminder, Oroboros Instruments Corp. reserves the right to reject any warranty claims by the customer on the products.
Charges for delayed Payment
If the full payment of the purchase price is not received when due as specified above, Oroboros Instruments Corp. reserves the right to charge interest of 8 % (per annum) on any unpaid balance for each started month in default after the third reminder and a reminder fee of EUR 25.-.
Transport Insurance
The delivered goods are to be checked upon arrival. In case of damages due to transport or any missing parts, Oroboros Instruments Corp. is to be informed within a week.
A warranty of two years is offered on all products of Oroboros Instruments Corp. (except consumables and glassware) starting from the day of delivery. During the warranty period, we repair if possible or replace items found to be defective. Defects caused by improper or unreasonable handling are excluded.
For warranty shipments of the Oxygraph-2k main unit, only the original packing Box 1 with the original polystyrene inlets shall be used.
Warranty return shipments: The diagnostic procedures described in the Oxygraph-2k Manual must be followed for specifiying any defective part of the instrument. Written agreement between Oroboros Instruments Corp. and the customer must be reached concerning the extent of a warranty return shipment. Some repairs, e.g. sensor service, can be made by the user and do not require a return shipment. For the shipment of the main unit, only the original packing Box 1 with the original expanded polyethylene inlets shall be used. For the shipment of separate defective parts, the parts shall be packed with sufficient mechanical protection. Shipment costs will be covered by the customer.
Warranty repairs: First, the type and cause of any defect will be analysed and documented by Oroboros Instruments Corp. In case of inadequate handling, treatment and use of the defective instrument, the warranty does not apply. An evaluation of the repair costs will be provided to the customer, and repair and return shipment will be effected upon the customer‘s approval.
Free software updates
Within the warranty period, software updates are available as downloads from our website free of charge (including updates of the manual, which are also available as downloads in pdf format on our website).
Cancellation fees
A cancellation received after the date of the purchase order and before the date of shipping will be invoiced with 15% of the value of the purchase order. A cancellation received after the date of shipping will not be accepted.
Workshop registration - cancellation policy
Cancellations will be accepted before the early registration deadline. For cancellations after the early registration deadline, the registration fee will not be refunded and accommodation costs will be charged according to the hotel cancellation policy.
Legal disputes
All legal disputes arising from the business relationship between Oroboros Instruments Corp. and the customer are subject to arbitration, the arbitrator being appointed with the consent of both parties. The arbitrator will be subject to the jurisdiction of Innsbruck, Austria, under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention.