Territorial allocation Huawei

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Oroboros Instruments

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Territorial allocation Huawei

Beijing Huawei ZhongYi Technology is the distributor of Oroboros Instruments in North China, Hongkong ragion and Macau region

For contact details: CN_Beijing_Huawei

Huawei (Region North)
North China
Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei (province), Shanxi (province), Inner Mongolia (province), Shandong (province)
Key cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao
Northeast China
Heilongjiang (province), Jilin (province), Liaoning (province)
Key cities: Shenyang, Harbin
Northwestern China
Shaanxi (province), Gansu (province), Qinghai (province), Niningxia (province), Xinjiang (province)
Key cities: Xi'an
Special Administrative Region
Hongkong, Macau
Key cities: Hong Kong, Macau