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TissueModels - Establishing tissue-specific cell models with culture medium additives


TissueModels: FFG BRIDGE Young Scientists

  • BRIDGE Young Scientists 2. Call - Project No. 878654, Medical University Innsbruck, Institute of Human Genetics
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Start: 2020-04-01

About TissueModels

Led by the Institute of Human Genetics at the Medical University Innsbruck, the TissueModels project aims to establish physiological models for the specific tissue type under investigation by defining medium compositions that preserve or re-establish structural and metabolic characteristics of cells during in vitro culture.


The specific aims are:
  • To identify medium composition with emphasis on the levels of selected fatty acids and of glucose that support growth and viability of cell lines originally derived from different tissues.
  • To evaluate the metabolic consequences of incubation with selected media with emphasis on mitochondrial energetics.
  • To assess the membrane lipid architecture of cells exposed to selected media to evaluate to which extent the remodeling and/or de novo synthesis of cell lipids were altered and to compare the lipidome with that of the original tissue.


  • Oemer G, Lackner L, Muigg K, Krumschnabel G, Watschinger K, Sailer S, Lindner H, Gnaiger E, Wortmann SB, Werner ER, Zschocke J, Keller MA (2018) The molecular structural diversity of mitochondrial cardiolipins. Proc Nat Acad Sci U S A 115:4158-63. - Β» Bioblast linkΒ«




Institute of Human Genetics, Medical University Innsbruck - www.biochemgen.at
Oroboros Instruments GmbH - www.oroboros.at

Oroboros project involvement

Oroboros Instruments provides both infrastructure and the expertise required to conduct the respirometric measurements of the project.
The Institute for Human Genetics has been equipped with 2 O2ks for the duration of the project.

TissueModels Events

TissueModels Publications

Oemer G, Edenhofer ML, Wohlfarter Y, Lackner K, Leman G, Koch J, Cardoso LHD, Lindner HH, Gnaiger E, Dubrac S, Zschocke J, Keller MA (2021) Fatty acyl availability modulates cardiolipin composition and alters mitochondrial function in HeLa cells. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jlr.2021.100111J Lipid Res 100111. PMID: 34450173 Open Access2021


News and articles

Bridge-Projekt β€žTissue Modelsβ€œ erforscht das Potential gewebsspezifischer Zellkultur, www.i-med.ac.at, 2020-06-04


This project has received funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Funding Agency (FFG).
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