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Journal title and website The Journal of Toxicological Sciences


Wang 2016 Toxicol SciWang L, Espinoza HM, MacDonald JW, Bammler TK, Williams CR, Yeh A, Louie KW, Marcinek DJ, Gallagher EP (2016) Olfactory Transcriptional Analysis of Salmon Exposed to Mixtures of Chlorpyrifos and Malathion Reveal Novel Molecular Pathways of Neurobehavioral Injury. Toxicol Sci 149:145-57.2016PMID: 26494550
Wang 2016b Toxicol SciWang B, Klaren WD, Wels BR, Simmons DL, Olivier AK, Wang K, Robertson LW, Ludewig G (2015) Dietary manganese modulates PCB126 toxicity, metal status, and MnSOD in the rat. Toxicol Sci 150:15-26.2015PMID: 26660635
Den Hollander 2014 Toxicol Sciden Hollander B, Sundström M, Pelander A, Ojanperä I, Mervaala E, Korpi ER, Kankuri E (2014) Keto amphetamine toxicity - focus on the redox reactivity of the cathinone designer drug mephedrone. Toxicol Sci 141:120-31.2014PMID: 24913801
Felser 2013 Toxicol SciFelser A, Blum K, Lindinger PW, Bouitbir J, Kraehenbuehl S (2013) Mechanisms of hepatocellular toxicity associated with dronedarone - a comparison to amiodarone. Toxicol Sci 131:480-90.2013PMID: 23135547 Open Access
Safiulina 2006 Toxicol SciSafiulina D, Peet N, Seppet E, Zharkovsky A, Kaasik A (2006) Dehydroepiandrosterone inhibits Complex I of the mitochondrial respiratory chain and is neurotoxic in vitro and in vivo at high concentrations. Toxicol Sci 93:348-56.2006PMID: 16849397 Open Access