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Urban PF, Klingenberg M (1969) On the redox potentials of ubiquinone and cytochrome b in the respiratory chain. Eur J Biochem 9:519-25.

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Urban PF, Klingenberg M (1969) Eur J Biochem

Abstract: The standard redox potential of ubiquinone in submitochondrial particles is measured by equilibration with the succinate/fumarate system to about 65 mV at pH 7, with the redox ratio, n = 2. The pH dependence is ‐60 mV/ΔpH. The lower value measured for bound ubiquinone is discussed in comparison with the value found for isolated ubiquinone (104 to 112 mV, pH 7) determined in ethanol‐HCl.

In parallel experiments the standard redox potential of cytochrome b was measured to 72.5 mV at pH 7. The pH dependence is ΔE/ΔpH = 0 at pH < 6.8 and ‐ 60 mV ΔpH at pH > 6.8.

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  • Komlodi et al (2021) Simultaneous measurement of respiration and redox state of the Coenzyme Q pool in mitochondrial preparations. Bioenerg Commun 2021.3 doi:10.26124/bec:2021-0003


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