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Wagner AM, Wagner MJ, Moore AL (1998) In vivo ubiquinone reduction levels during thermogenesis in araceae. Plant Physiol 117:1501-6.

» PMID: 9701605 Open Access

Wagner AM, Wagner MJ, Moore AL (1998) Plant Physiol

Abstract: In vivo ubiquinone (UQ) reduction levels were measured during the development of the inflorescences of Arum maculatum and Amorphophallus krausei. Thermogenesis in A. maculatum spadices appeared not to be confined to a single developmental stage, but occurred during various stages. The UQ pool in both A. maculatum and A. krausei appendices was approximately 90% reduced during thermogenesis. Respiratory characteristics of isolated appendix mitochondria did not change in the period around thermogenesis. Apparently, synthesis of the required enzyme capacity is regulated via a coarse control upon which a fine control of metabolism that regulates the onset of thermogenesis is imposed.

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Regulation: Q-junction effect