White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School 2018 Kandalaksha Bay RU

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White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School 2018 Kandalaksha Bay RU

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Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea, RU, 2018 Aug 28 - Sep 12. The Third White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School

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White Sea Biological Station (2018-08-28) MitoGlobal

Abstract: The Third White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School, KandalakshaBay of the White Sea, Russia, 2018

General information

N.A.Pertsov White Sea Biological Station of Lomonosov Moscow State University (WSBS MSU) invites master students, Ph.D. students, and young post-docs to take part in the forthcoming Third summer school on comparative physiology.



KandalakshaBay of the White Sea (66° 34' N, 33° 08' E)
Poselok Primorskiy,
Republic Karelia, Russia



A draft programme is available here.
Laboratory facilities
  • Molecular biology laboratory with centrifuge
  • Confocal microscope (intracellular calcium measurements)
  • Electrophysiology rig (current and patch clamp)
  • Sharp electrode rig (action potential measurements)
  • Aquarium tanks for animals
  • Computer labs
Animal species available
  • Cod
  • Navaga
  • Sculpin
  • 3-spined stickleback
  • Flounder
  • Herring
  • Pike
  • Invertebrates: bivalves (different kinds of mussels)
  • Gastroods (neptunea and plenty of smaller species)
  • Nudibranchia
  • Various annelids
  • Crustaceans (incl. hermit crabs)



Dr. Denis Abramochkin
White Sea Biological Station in Russia



Maximum 12-14 students
Application deadline: May 10, 2018
Acceptance announcement: May 15, 2018
Application process

Lecturers and tutors

1. Dr. Denis Abramochkin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUSSIA)
2. Dr. Ivan Srejovic (University of Kragujevac, SERBIA)
3. Dr. Erik Sandblom (University of Gothenburg, SWEDEN)
4. Dr. Gina Galli (University of Manchester, UK)
5. Dr. Halina Dobrzynski (University of Manchester, UK)
6. Dr. Holly Shiels (University of Manchester, UK)
7. Dr. Jan Azarov (Komi Institute of Physiology, Syktyvkar, RUSSIA)
8. Dr. Javier Iglesias-Gonzalez (Innsbruck Medical University; Oroboros Instruments Corporation, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA)
9. Prof. Matti Vornanen (University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, FINLAND)
10. Dr. Olga Solovyova (Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the RAS, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA)
11. Prof. Olga Tarasova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUSSIA)
12. Prof. Vladimir Jakovljevic (University of Kragujevac, SERBIA)
Dr. Vladislav Kuzmin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUSSIA)


Research Project


2018, MitoGlobal, ORO 

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