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Name Windsor John, Professor MD, PhD, MBChem
Institution University of Auckland

School of Biological Sciences

Applied Surgery and Metabolism Laboratory

Address Thomas Building - 3 a

Symonds Street,

City Auckland
Country New Zealand
O2k-Network Lab NZ Auckland Hickey AJ



Chakraborty 2013 Abstracts of ESICM LIVES 20132013Chakraborty M, Hickey A, Macdonald J, Newby L, Sim D, Phillips A, Windsor J (2013) Evaluation of temporal mitochondrial function in vitro in patients with organ failure: a prospective observational pilot study. Abstracts of ESICM LIVES 2013 S77.
Grocott 2009 N Engl J Med2009Grocott MP, Martin DS, Levett DZ, McMorrow R, Windsor J, Montgomery HE, Caudwell Xtreme Everest Research Group (2009) Arterial blood gases and oxygen content in climbers on Mount Everest. N Engl J Med 360:140-9.


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