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Zhang R, Wang X, Gao Q, Jiang H, Zhang S, Lu M, Liu F, Xue X (2019) Taurine supplementation reverses diabetes-induced podocytes injury via modulation of the CSE/TRPC6 axis and improvement of mitochondrial function. Nephron 144:84-95.

» PMID: 31865328

Zhang Ruibin, Wang Xiaoping, Gao Qingzhen, Jiang Huili, Zhang Shan, Lu Min, Liu Fang, Xue Xia (2019) Nephron

Abstract: The protective effects of taurine supplementation on diabetic kidney disease (DKD) have been defined, but the mechanisms are not quite clear yet. TRPC6 has been shown to function in the homeostasis of podocytes, but whether TRPC6-modulated mitochondrial dysfunctions participating in taurine-induced renal protection during diabetes are unclear.

A DKD model was constructed using streptozocin (STZ), and an immortalized mouse podocytes cell line MPC-5 was used. Renal histology and western blot were used to analyze the expression levels of certain proteins. Cell proliferation assays, apoptosis assays, calcium influx, and mitochondrial functions were evaluated.

In this study, taurine intervention improved STZ-induced DKD injuries, while it decreased both 24-h urinary protein and podocytes apoptosis. In detail, this study showed that taurine treatment decreased mitochondrial ROS productions by suppressing calcium overload and improving mitochondrial respiratory functions. Furthermore, the upregulation of TRPC6 is partially responsible for the calcium overload during high glucose treatment, whereas taurine treatment inhibited TRPC6 expression and partially attenuated high glucose-induced podocytes injuries. In addition, we demonstrated that taurine could upregulate CSE expression and inhibits TRPC6 expression via promoting the synthesis of H2S.

Our study reveals that taurine intervention could partially attenuate the lesions of DKD by modulating the CSE/TRPC6 axis.

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