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Name Zouhar Petr,
Institution Laboratory of Adipose Tissue Biology,

Institute of Physiology CAS, CZ

Address Videnska 1083, 142 20
City Prague
Country Czech Republic
Email Petr.Zouhar@fgu.cas.cz
O2k-Network Lab CZ Prague Kopecky J



Flachs 2011 Diabetologia2011Flachs P, Rühl R, Hensler M, Janovska P, Zouhar P, Kus V, Macek Jilkova Z, Papp E, Kuda O, Svobodova M, Rossmeisl M, Tsenov G, Mohamed-Ali V, Kopecky J (2011) Synergistic induction of lipid catabolism and anti-inflammatory lipids in white fat of dietary obese mice in response to calorie restriction and n-3 fatty acids. Diabetologia 54:2626-38.


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