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Andreyev AY, Kushnareva YE, Murphy AN, Starkov AA (2015) Mitochondrial ROS Metabolism: 10 Years Later. Biochemistry (Mosc) 80: 517–531.

» PMID:26071769 Open Access

Andreyev AY, Kushnareva YE, Murphy AN, Starkov AA (2015) Biochemistry (Mosc)

Abstract: The role of mitochondria in oxidative stress is well recognized, but many questions are still to be answered. This article is intended to update our comprehensive review in 2005 by highlighting the progress in understanding of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) metabolism over the past 10 years. We review the recently identified or re-appraised sources of ROS generation in mitochondria, such as p66shc protein, succinate dehydrogenase, and recently discovered properties of the mitochondrial antioxidant system. We also reflect upon some controversies, disputes, and misconceptions that confound the field.

Cited by

  • Komlódi T, Schmitt S, Zdrazilova L, Donnelly C, Zischka H, Gnaiger E (2022) Oxygen dependence of hydrogen peroxide production in isolated mitochondria and permeabilized cells. MitoFit Preprints 2022 (in prep).


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