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== Bioblast alert - previous issues ==
== Bioblast alert - previous issues ==
* [[Bioblast alert 2018]]
::::» [[Bioblast alert]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2017]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2016]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2015]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2014]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2013]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2012]]
* [[Bioblast alert 2011]]
[[Category:Gentle Science]]
[[Category:Gentle Science]]

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Bioblast alert 2020

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Bioblast alert 2020(01): 2020-01-17

News The Oroboros 2020 Science Agenda is launched as a signature of the Oroboros Ecosystem.
Gentle Science 2020: a critical year for women, gender equity, and health - a Lancet Editorial
O2k-Publications in the MiPMap Statistical evaluation on replica in HRR with permeabilized skeletal muscle fibers from the O2k-Network: AU Melbourne Stepto NK
Jacques M, Kuang J, Bishop DJ, Yan X, Alvarez-Romero J, Munson F, Garnham A, Papadimitriou I, Voisin S, Eynon N (2019) Mitochondrial respiration variability and simulations in human skeletal muscle: The Gene SMART study. FASEB J [Epub ahead of print]. - »Bioblast link«
Members of the Management Committee MitoEAGLE and Working Group Leaders: please submit your suggestions for MitoEAGLE Summit Obergurgl 2020:
  1. Suggested type and title of your personal presentation, according to the MoU and final MitoEAGLE output
  2. Suggested scientists (titles) for presentations, according to the MoU

About Oroboros HRR - high-resolution respirometry and oxygen kinetics 10 years ago: Cell respiration under hypoxia: facts and artefacts in mitochondrial oxygen kinetics. Adv Exp Med Biol 2010. - »Bioblast link«

Bioblast alert - previous issues

» Bioblast alert