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Cervinkova 2017 MiP2017

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Cervinkova Zuzana
RNDr. Zdeněk Drahota, D.Sc. – jubilant. Cervinkova_Presentation

Link: MiP2017

Cervinkova Z (2017)

Event: MiP2017

Zdeněk Drahota

RNDr. Zdeněk Drahota, D.Sc. was born on September 16th 1932 in Pardubice. He graduated in biochemistry from the Faculty of Science, Charles University in 1954. In the same year, he started his work at the Institute of Physiology of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences; he joined the laboratory of Prof. A. Gutmann. Early studies of Zdeněk Drahota were focused on the neural control of muscle metabolism under physiological and pathological conditions and the role of energy metabolism. In 1964 he gained fellowship for the long-term residency at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, in the laboratory of leading expert in the field of mitochondrial studies A. L Lehninger. After his return, he joined the newly established laboratory led by Dr. Hahn. They focused on the development of metabolic functions and problems of thermal homeostasis.

Zdenek Drahota completed several long stays with outstanding laboratories abroad. In 1968 he spent one year at the Department of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty of the University of Padua. Upon his return, he was appointed the head of the laboratory instead of Dr. Hahn, who emigrated together with other members of the laboratory, namely Dr. Koldovský, Dr. Rock and Dr. E. Honová. The new laboratory started with only three people, a student Josef Houštek and laboratory technician Marie. Soon, however, they extended the team by other young students Jan Kopecky, Petr Svoboda, Hana Rauchová, Jaroslav Kuneš, et al. Many of them became authorities in the field of bioenergetics. He established a successful scientific cooperation especially with the University of Stockholm and Italian universities (Padua, Bologna, Modena, Ancona, Bari). The important activity was his essential participation in the organization of the international congresses being held in former Czechoslovakia: Federation of European Biochemical Societies (1969), World Congress of Biochemistry (1985), and European Cell Biology Congress (1994). He was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes and worked in the committees of the Czechoslovak Biochemical Society and Physiological Society. After retiring from his position of Director, Drahota dedicated to developing cooperation in the field of bioenergetics, both within the Institute and with other institutes of the Academy. The result of this collaboration is a series of joint publications. His collaboration with my research team, which started 20 years ago, led to the building of the laboratory of Mitochondrial Physiology at the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, attracting many young collaborators and resulting in 25 joined publications. The overall Drahota publishing activity is more than 250 publications, 3,077 citations (without self-citations), H index = 31. He still works part-time as Emeritus in the Department of Bioenergetics Institute of Physiology CAS and the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové. Zdeněk Drahota is still very active; he is involved in the training of postgraduate students and early career investigators, he is always prepared to help them. We all wish him good health and everlasting admirable energy. Many Happy returns!

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