LV Riga Jansone B

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Oroboros Instruments

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LV Riga Jansone B

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Latvian University

Faculty of Medicine

Address Jelgavas Street 1, 1004
City Riga
Country Latvia
Contact Jansone Baiba
Team Bello Fiona
Team previous
Status O2k 2018-
Oroboros Events MiPschool 2018, IOC134, MitoEAGLE 2018 LV
Topics Neuropharmacology, Alzheimer's' and Parkinson's disease research, stroke research


update please


update please

Participated at

  • IOC134 Schroecken AT - I would like to tell thank you for excellent O2k-Workshop we had on high-resolution respirometry in Schroecken recently. Thank you also for sharing your brilliant knowledge in the field of mitochondria research. I enjoyed a lot to listen your presentations. - Jansone Baiba
  • IOC134 Schroecken AT - I also take the opportunity to thank you again for the organisation of the excellent IOC134, it was a pleasure and a real chance to participate to this workshop, very enriching in every way. - Bello Fiona