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Name Leo Elettra, PhD
Leo Elettra

Oroboros Instruments

Elettra joined Oroboros Instruments August 2022.

Address Schoepfstraße 18, 6020
City Innsbruck
Country Austria
Email elettra.leo@oroboros.at
O2k-Network Lab AT Innsbruck Oroboros, DE Bremerhaven Mark FC, UK Glasgow Metcalfe NB

Bioenergetics Communications

Keywords: comparative physiology, temperature, climate change, Complex I, cardiac mitochondria

Labels: Field of research: Basic  Topics: Mitochondrial complexes, temperature, ph, membrane potential, ATP turnover, CO2 


Leo 2021 Conserv Physiol2021Leo E, Dahlke FT, Storch D, Poertner HO, Mark FC (2021) Impact of ocean acidification and warming on the bioenergetics of developing eggs of atlantic herring Clupea harengus. Conserv Physiol 6:50.
Leo 2018 Conserv Physiol2018Leo E, Dahlke FT, Storch D, Poertner HO, Mark FC (2018) Impact of Ocean Acidification and Warming on the bioenergetics of developing eggs of Atlantic herring Clupea harengus. Conserv Physiol 6:coy050.
Leo 2017 Front Zool2017Leo E, Kunz KL, Schmidt M, Storch D, Portner HO, Mark FC (2017) Mitochondrial acclimation potential to ocean acidification and warming of Polar cod (Boreogadus saida) and Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Front Zool 14:21.
Dahlke 2017 Glob Chang Biol2017Dahlke FT, Leo E, Mark FC, PΓΆrtner HO, Bickmeyer U, Frickenhaus S, Storch D (2017) Effects of ocean acidification increase embryonic sensitivity to thermal extremes in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua. Glob Chang Biol 23(4):1499-1510.
Strobel 2013 Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol2013Strobel A, Leo E, PΓΆrtner HO, Mark FC (2013) Elevated temperature and PCO2 shift metabolic pathways in differentially oxidative tissues of Notothenia rossii. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol 166:48-57.
Strobel 2012 Front Zool2012Strobel A, Bennecke S, Leo E, Mintenbeck K, PΓΆrtner HO, Mark FC (2012) Metabolic shifts in the Antarctic fish Notothenia rossii in response to rising temperature and PCO2. Front Zool 9:28.


Leo 2023 ESCI Prague2023
Leo Elettra
Leo E, Zdrazilova L, Garcia-Souza LF, Γ…sander-Frostner E, ElmΓ©r E, Gnaiger E (2023) High-resolution respirometry is comparable in 0.5 mL and 2.0 mL chamber volumes: studies with platelets, permeabilized fibroblasts, and isolated mitochondria. 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation.
Leo 2022 Bioblast20222022Participant: Bioblast 2022.

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