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Name Lindeman Jan HN, Dr.
Lindeman Jan
Dept of Surgery

Leiden University Medical Centre, LUMC

Address PObox 9600, 2300RC
City Leiden
Country The Netherlands
O2k-Network Lab NL Leiden Lindeman JHN



Wijermars 2016 Kidney Int2016Wijermars LG, Schaapherder AF, de Vries DK, Verschuren L, Wuest RC, Kostidis S, Mayboroda OA, Prins F, Ringers J, Bierau J, Bakker JA, Kooistra T, Lindeman JH (2016) Defective postreperfusion metabolic recovery directly associates with incident delayed graft function. Kidney Int 90:181-91.
Wijermars 2016 Am J Transplant2016Wijermars LG, Schaapherder AF, Kostidis S, Wüst RC, Lindeman JH (2016) Succinate accumulation and ischemia reperfusion injury: of mice but not men - A study in renal ischemia reperfusion. Am J Transplant 16:2741-6.
Kivelae 2014 EMBO Mol Med2014Kivelä R, Bry M, Robciuc MR, Räsänen M, Taavitsainen M, Silvola JM, Saraste A, Hulmi JJ, Anisimov A, Mäyränpää MI, Lindeman JH, Eklund L, Hellberg S, Hlushchuk R, Zhuang ZW, Simons M, Djonov V, Knuuti J, Mervaala E, Alitalo K (2016) VEGF-B-induced vascular growth leads to metabolic reprogramming and ischemia resistance in the heart. EMBO Mol Med 6:307-21.


Lerink 2022 Abstract Bioblast20226.5. «5 min»
Lerink Lente JS
Lerink Lente JS, Lindeman JHN (2022) Renal respiratory conductance: a complex matter. Bioblast 2022: BEC Inaugural Conference. In: »Watch the presentation«
Lindeman 2022 Bioblast20222022Bioblast 2022 participant.

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