MOSBRI Consensus Meeting 2024 Rome IT

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MOSBRI Consensus Meeting 2024 Rome IT

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Rome IT, 2024 Apr 09. MOSBRI Consensus Meeting - Real-time monitoring using biophysical approaches of respiratory activity in bacteria

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MOSBRI (2024-04-09) MitoGlobal

Abstract: MOSBRI Consensus Meeting, Rome, IT, 2024

General information

This consensus meeting aims to outline and define novel frontiers of the real-time techniques for monitoring respiratory and metabolic activities in bacteria, using biophysical methods.
Through a series of talks featuring expert speakers and a roundtable discussion, the event will combine expertise from manufacturers alongside academia. The primary objective is to define, project, and establish benchmarks for these monitoring techniques.
While the applications span diverse domains such as physiopathologic analysis and antimicrobial identification, critical questions remain open. These encompass the precision of real-time monitoring, its scalability across bacterial species, and the translation of laboratory findings into clinical or industrial settings.


Online and in person at:
Sapienza University of Rome
Viale Regina Elena, 295B/Edificio D
00161 Rome


The program is available here


Deadline for registration: 2024 April 04
Registration form

Oroboros at MOSBRI Consensus Meeting

Erich Gnaiger: Quality-controlled high-resolution respirometry: bacterial and clinical applications April 9, 10:00

Satellite seminar at O2k-Network Lab IT Rome Giuffre A

April 8, 16:30
Sapienza University (Piazzale Aldo Moro 5), Dipartimento di Scienze Biochimiche (Building CU027)
Erich Gnaiger: Unlocking cell metabolism: Exploring the power of high-resolution respirometry with the NextGen-O2k April 8, 16:30


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